Chapter 2 - Meet the Boss

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Rather than park her car in the drive behind the black Camaro she pulled around front onto the circle drive.  “Do you own a car Berkley?”  She asked realizing she had neglected to touch base regarding transportation.

“Not anymore.  I had to sell it not long after I lost my job.”  Berkley’s face fell slightly as if this might be a problem worth making Alana reconsider her offer.

“Relax.  Dane has too many cars.  I’m sure he can spare one for you to use for getting Ethan to and from.”  Alana rang the bell and the maid answered the door.

“Hello Alana!”  She said with a bright smile. 

“Hi Grace, this is Berkley.  She is here to discuss her salary with Dane.  She will be taking care of Ethan.”

“Welcome, Berkley.  Please come in and have seat in the living room.  I will see if I can find Dane for you.”

Berkley sat next to Alana waiting patiently.  There was rumbling noise that grew louder until she soon recognized the familiar sound of heavy footsteps treading up the stairs.  Berkley had an older brother who usually ran up the stairs, taking two at a time every afternoon.  Guys never quite understood why it was just wrong to run in the house, mainly because they weren’t the ones with tiny class trinkets lining their walls.  Garrett broke most of the mugs in her souvenir collection from all over the country.  Of course it had been an accident but still she was angry with him when it happened.

Suddenly there was a loud noise from the kitchen as the door flew open.  A tiny voice squealed and giggled with excitement.  A tall lean figure appeared in the living room with his face buried in Ethan’s stomach as he blew a raspberry against his skin.  His chest was bare and his athletic shorts hung too low on his hips revealing defined abs and the coveted ‘V’ that plunged below his waistband.  Berkley caught herself, suddenly admiring his physique and quickly turned her attention to Ethan hoping that Alana missed her instant reaction.

“Dane!”  Alana shouted above Ethan’s squeals to get his attention.

He lowered Ethan and slung him instinctively onto his hip.  Ethan was clinging to him and was resting his face against Dane’s chest.  Berkley smiled seeing Ethan so happy in comparison to his emotional state in the elevator earlier.  Her eyes floated past Ethan to meet a set of cerulean blue eyes staring back at her from a familiar face with that rotten smirk.

With his attention focused on Berkley, Alana spoke in a normal tone.  “Dane this is Berkley, Ethan’s new Nanny.  You need work out the details regarding her salary, transportation and she will need to use your office on occasion for her online studies.”

“Transportation, you don’t have a car?”  He asked with disappointment.

“I plan for this to only be a temporary problem.”  Berkley truly wanted it to only be temporary but still temporary meant a while in her book.

Dane walked over to Alana and handed off Ethan.  “Follow me.”  Berkley followed him down the hall into his office.  His office was typical with a big L shaped desk in the center facing two chairs.  To the right was a computer.   Behind his desk was a huge bay window framed with intricately carved wood that only liked a foot spanning from the floor to the ceiling.  The window was a beautiful piece of architecture which allowed the room to fill with natural light and afforded him a view of the swimming pool. There was a chaise lounge in the window and Berkley smiled at the sight of it.  She could almost imagine herself there curled up with a blanket and a good book.  She turned to look behind her and the opposite wall had a huge bookshelf with a rolling ladder.  It was a bookworms dream.  Wow plenty of books to choose from she smiled again.  She wanted to get close enough to read the titles but she turned back to face Dane.

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