We'll Be the Stars by cocoadrizzle
We'll Be the Starsby linnea
"He's an arrogant jerk." "You do know I'm sitting right here?" (full synopsis inside)
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  • youngadultreads
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The Act of Forgiveness by meg_cheers
The Act of Forgivenessby Megan
Jasper Dean lived any 21 year olds dream, he toured the country singing his heart out then he partied all night. Meanwhile, Poppy Eagle worked at her book store in the m...
  • mommy
  • recovery
  • papa
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WHY DON'T WE LOVE by Lsweetdreamkisses
WHY DON'T WE LOVEby Lsweetdreamkisses
Lily McGarett is a huge fan of WHY DON'T WE. Going to one of their concerts in LA and also having the Meet&Greet is a dream come true. But what happens at the Meet&Gree...
  • jonahmarais
  • whydontwe
  • zachherron
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Flu Season ( A Charlie Puth Story ) by Poofington
Flu Season ( A Charlie Puth Story )by Student Emily Cavanaugh
All we can do is watch and learn the cruel ways of this music industry...
  • carcrash
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  • paparazzi
WHY DON'T WE GET MARRIED  by Lsweetdreamkisses
WHY DON'T WE GET MARRIED by Lsweetdreamkisses
Sequel to 'WHY DON'T WE LOVE' *** Lily and Jonah finally start a life together. But is it a life they wished for? Started: 01.01.18 Finished: ?
  • fanfic
  • whydontwe
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Alien Invasion: A Love Story - (A Wattpad Featured Story!) by BrittanieCharmintine
Alien Invasion: A Love Story - ( Britt
The story of a girl who goes way, way, over the rainbow. Twenty-six year old Andie Bank is dragged into an intergalactic celebrity abduction scheme. In order to save her...
  • space
  • hollywood
  • moviestar
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ETERNITY    | FanFic:   Logan Paul | by TheLoversSaga
ETERNITY | FanFic: Logan Logan's Universe
After the birth of Klaire Arya Paul, things take a turn for the worst as the Paul family involuntarily involves themselves with new drama. Will this drama cause problems...
  • youtubers
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❝ɪʀʀᴇʟᴇᴠᴀɴᴛ❞ «ᴍɪᴄʜᴀᴇɴɢ» by fluffglaus
❝ɪʀʀᴇʟᴇᴠᴀɴᴛ❞ «ᴍɪᴄʜᴀᴇɴɢ»by fluffglaus™
when professional ballet dancer, myoui mina gave her number to paparazzo son chaeyoung, things start to get a little bit, too risky. at least for this introverted star.
  • kpop
  • lesbian
  • cute
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Hollywood's Newest Obsession *UNDER MAJOR EDITING* by youngwriters13
Hollywood's Newest Obsession * P & K!
Melody Paige's life was like any other teenage girls life is, well, it was getting that way. She stays in her room, reads stories, listens to music, etc. Except in the s...
  • celebrity
  • summer
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The Dudes Down Under | #Wattys2018 by MJWOLF
The Dudes Down Under | #Wattys2018by Melissa
#400 in romance | Completed | Featured in one of @ProjectBadBoys Reading List. Screaming fans, paparazzi, social media gossip. The stress of rock star life can take it...
  • music
  • famous
  • relationship
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William franklyn Miller x reader  by hehemae
William franklyn Miller x reader by hehemae
Y/n, a famous actress gets casted with some teenagers including William Franklyn Miller. They both have feelings for each other, but struggle to tell each other.
  • williamfranklynmillier
  • depression
  • franklyn
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Music and madness #Wattys2018 by Vidhiya2811
Music and madness #Wattys2018by Vidhiya
"She's an idol everyone looks up to. She lets everybody down one day . She returns one day unexpected. Eveyone is waiting for her to show up as the same person who...
  • teenfiction
  • actress
  • newadultreads
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Syzygy - H.S.  by liyahscribbles
Syzygy - H.S. by harrythefroggo
(n.) an alignment of celestial bodies. - "Did you know...that...above our heads...a Piscid meteor shower is taking place? Streaks of light reaching our atmosphere...
  • fights
  • 1d
  • divorce
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Justin Bieber Is My Boyfriend by lovetobepink
Justin Bieber Is My Boyfriendby lovetobepink
Gem is the new girl in school she falls for a popular boy who helps her out on her first day it was love at first sight
  • justinbieber
  • paparazzi
  • loveatfirstsight
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Her Billionaire. His Angel by SavageK6
Her Billionaire. His Angelby Wondrous Dreams
Formerly known as Fated Together... Natalia Henderson and her best friend Elena Thompson are famous VS supermodels. They happen to be at a party for celebrities, which i...
  • runway
  • hate
  • billionaire
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Paparazzi  by MC_Frost
Paparazzi by MC_Frost
Have you ever been skinny dipping with a celebrity? Cosplayed with one? Been chased by the paparazzi? Aerith hasn't. But she's about to. Aerith is a young teenage girl...
  • paparazzi
  • wishfulshipping
  • famous
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rants & thoughts by overstress
rants & thoughtsby 𝓱𝓮𝓪𝓿𝓮𝓷.
where i talk about all the random thoughts in my head, along with some rants.
  • famous
  • onedirection
  • larry
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Faking It // Jack Avery by aesthxticjonah
Faking It // Jack Averyby aesthxticjonah
You are shy, young Madison who has recently moved to Los Angeles to start University. You plan to keep your head down and study hard but what will happen once the Papara...
  • school
  • paparazzi
  • friendship
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My Baby by QueenT710
My Babyby Loren Storan
In 2027 there is a rule that when a child turns 17 you have to give your child to a center and that center does Age-play. They find Daddies and Mommies for them but Nia...
  • paparazzi
  • narry
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