Chapter 11 - Dirty Laundry

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Berkley awoke to find herself nestled against the comfort of Danes warm body.  Dane was promiscuous and he had toyed with her at Clarabella’s but he was different with her now since she had unloaded her past on him.  Sure he struggled with his physical needs a couple of times last night but the fact that he was willing to take a cold shower on her behalf was kind of sweet in a twisted way.  He made no bones about it, he wanted her with no strings attached and he wasn’t bashful or ashamed to admit it.  She almost gave into him.  Oh how badly she had wanted to.  But there was too much at stake for her to throw it all away over one night.   

She was surprised to still be facing him when she opened her eyes just few moments ago.  She had slept so soundly that she had barely moved during the night.  She had slept better than she had in months.  Dane was still sleeping.  He had rolled onto his side during the night and was now facing her too something he had been unable to do while awake.  A flirtatious butterfly fluttered deep inside her recalling that intimate moment.  She studied his features closely appreciating the the chance to gaze upon him without the risk of him catching her in the process.  His handsome face looked different almost angelic or maybe that was just how she chose to see him.  The lines were all smoothed away from a night of peaceful sleep.  He had been a God send for her to say the least.  The realization of this amazing man holding her in his arms swept over her and for a second she imagined what it would be like to be more than Ethan’s nanny to him. 

She slid her arm around his waist and scooted a little closer to cuddle against him.  Being in the arms of a man had never felt so right.  She wanted to glean these last few moments with him.  The steady rhythm of his heart, the warmth of his body shrouding her in his strength and chasing away her nightmares soothed her.  She felt safe and fearless for now.  He would wake soon and rush off to work and this ‘one time’ arrangement would come to an end then fear would cloud her thoughts once more.  She didn’t want this feeling to end.

Dane responded to her embrace and slid his arm up her side.  His fingers tunneled through her hair pulling her towards him as his lips brushed across her cheek.  “I wish I could sleep in.”  He mumbled lazily.

“You’ve got pretty big day.”  She said completely fascinated with him still as he opened his eyes only to have them roll languidly before fluttering closed once more.  He looked so relaxed and less like the man burdened with the stresses of work that came home to her most days.  His unguarded and defenseless expression left him looking like the young surfing boy that Grace spoke of.  Right now as he slipped between the seams of consciousness and sleep he didn’t have a care in the world. 

“Yeah, and I’m all out of lucky laundry.”  He said while twirling his fingers in the tresses at the nape of neck.

“Lucky laundry?”   She asked aware of his tender touch and the intoxicating way his words slurred from his sensual lips which were much fuller when he was relaxed like this.  She felt a familiar rush of emotion pulse through her veins.  Yep, she couldn’t risk repeating a cuddle session with him again.  Right now she was defenseless.  It would take little to nothing for her to say yes to whatever he desired.     

“I have a lucky shirt and boxers.  I wore them yesterday.”

“Dane, you can’t be serious.”


“…Because it’s silly.” 

“You’re probably right.”  He said reluctantly.

The smell of fresh coffee floated up from the kitchen.  Dane rose up onto his elbow to peer past her and check the time.  “I guess I forgot to set the alarm.  I was a little distracted last night.”  He smiled mischievously.  “It’s after seven.  I’m going to be a little late.”  He smiled back at her sleepily.

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