Chapter 29 - Thanksgiving

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 I'm extremely grateful to everyone for their patience.  It's 7a.m. and it has been a long night wrapping this chapter up.  There were some things that I had to fix and it took a while to work it out.

I hope you enjoy it and that it doesn't disappoint.  I apologize for typos in advance.  I'm not proofing anymore until I have managed a few winks.  ;)


Ryle Cate

Chapter 29


“Wake up babe.  We’re running late.”  Dane said tossing Ethan into the bed with Berkley.  Ethan began jumping up and down.

“Rise-n-shine Berky!”  Ethan giggled.

Berkley sat up and grabbed him before he could get away.  She pulled him into her arms and goosed him until he was gasping.  She stopped for a minute to let him catch his breath then kissed him on the cheek and ruffled his hair before setting him free to jump on the bed again.

Berkley looked up to see Dane across the hall.  He slid into his shirt and grabbed his watch checking the time as he fastened it.  He glanced across the way smiling at Ethan and Berkley.   Berkley smiled back at him but her eyes betrayed her.  She was nervous about today.  She wanted to get through this day peacefully so that everyone could enjoy their holiday.  The news of their engagement would come sometime next week.  If Alan took to the news okay then maybe there was a chance that he wouldn’t blow a gasket at the news of her pregnancy.  Berkley had hoped that Alan would have warmed up to her by now but nothing seemed to change between them.  He never really bothered to talk to her.  Granted he hadn’t been quite as cold as of late, she still wasn’t feeling the love.

After she had finished getting cleaned up she met Dane and Ethan downstairs.  Ethan and Berkley had baked a cake the night before, the way her and mother used to do for the holidays.   Ethan had wanted to help with the icing, and considering her mom let her decorate as a child, she had done the same for Ethan.  He had made a terrible mess in the kitchen with all the sprinkles, chips and sugar but the cake was made with lots of love.   Berkley couldn’t help but smile at the look on Dane’s face when took a look beneath the lid to see what they were taking to the dinner.  “What is it?”  Dane said unable to hide his shock.

“A cake decorated by Ethan.”  Berkley said with pride.

“I see.”

“It will be fine Dane. It just makes it that much sweeter.”

“I know but did we make another one or something else to take too?”

“Uh, well I didn’t think it would be a problem.  I baked cookies to take to my mom I guess we could divide them out.”

“It will be fine.  Keep your cookies for your mom.”  Dane said realizing it had been a mistake to question the cake and that Berkley was about to cry.  He couldn’t remember if Laura had been this emotional but then when he thought back on it he didn’t remember much about her pregnancy at all because honestly he hadn’t been around that much.  In fact he hadn’t been around for Berkley much these past few weeks.  He frowned at the thought of failing her the same way he had failed Laura.

“We can swap out and take the cookies to your dinner and the cake to my mom.  She will be happy either way.”

“Berkley, it will be fine.”  He said putting the lid back over the cake.

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