Chapter 47 - Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

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AN:  Hello all!  Yes it is really happening!  Another chapter within 1 week!  I hope to keep this going quickly as we get the final chapters up.  Yes... the end will be her very soon!

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Chapter 47 – Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

Dane struggled to control his urges as he continued to savor the sweet taste of Berkley's lips against his own. If he didn't get a handle on himself, they might have to hop in the elevator and sneak into his office. He felt her lip curl against his as he pulled away. He loved to feel her smile. As he opened his eyes a flash caught his attention. Aside from a small group of people gathered in the reception area, a local photographer had managed to capture them. Dane's eyes darkened and his body grew tense.

"Dane, it doesn't matter anymore. You said so yourself. We're no longer a secret. The intrigue will fade." She said placing her hand against his face and turning it back to her.

His eyes softened. "Let's go." He smiled.

They stepped out into the crisp air as the car pulled up. He held the door for her and then slid into the seat next to her.

Berkley cuddled up next to him and placed her hand in his. He pulled it into his chest and placed a kiss on her knuckles. "How do you feel about eloping after Christmas? I don't want to wait."

"What about Ethan and your work?" She said tracing circles with her index finger along his jawline as she admired him. He was perfection. She couldn't imagine her life with anyone else. The last month away from him was just a big blur. It seemed so wrong and far removed from where they were today. She never wanted to feel that hopeless again. Dane had coalesced into her very soul and she couldn't be whole without him.

"Where do you go when you look at me that way?" He asked leaning in and brushing his lips against her neck softly.

"There are no words for what I feel for you."

"Hence you leave me speechless." He said feeling more love for her than a heart could hold.

She craned her neck upward and kissed him lovingly. "I adore everything about you. I never once stopped loving you or longing to be with you. I was just too stubborn to admit that I messed up. I should never have doubted you."

"I shouldn't have given you a reason to doubt me and I will never give you cause to do so again. We're good together. That is what makes relationships endure. We have what it takes to make it."

"I believe we do too." She smiled.

"So were eloping?" He asked again.

"If that is what you want. You know I don't want the attention and hoopla. And I doubt that I could find a dress that would flatter me at this point." She sighed.

"You're beautiful. Every curvaceous inch of you. I wish you could see that." He said as his hands wandered from her expanding waist to her swollen breast.

"I don't feel beautiful." She said as the thought of being naked in front of him made her feel nervous. She was very aware of his strong fit body at the moment. It was calling to her with every breath he took. He had loosened his tie the moment he got in the car and he wore it clumsily around his neck still. But just that small amount of skin was enough to taunt her. She remembered the strength of his arms that held her. She knew the ticklish muscles that rippled beneath his skin and flinched from her touch. She wanted to feel him again. She needed him on every level but she was a far cry from the lean body that he used to desire. If she weren't pregnant, she would grab that tie and have her way with him right now. But for now she would just continue to hold his hand.

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