Chapter 22 Blake Confesses

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Chapter 22


Dane had Dylan and Trent taking turns keeping Ethan for next couple of days so that Berkley’s bruises could fade.  He didn’t want to ask Cybil for obvious reasons.  He stayed home with her and kept an eye on her, making her rest, bringing her breakfast in bed but nothing more came from him other than the most basic of duty.  There were no lingering glances meeting hers.  No physical contact, not even the accidental brush of his hand against hers when he handed her a glass of water.  The detachment that emanated from him was unnerving.  Part of her wanted to tell him she was expecting his child and hope for the best.  But the reality of it was that nothing is that simple.

This was a whole new life, a life that they had created, a life that would forever bind them to each other whether things worked out between them or not.  Berkley had no doubt that Dane would want to be actively involved in raising this tiny little person.  But his cold demeanor was currently making her worry more about the repercussions of this ending badly between them, a custody battle.  He could afford the best lawyers.  He proved that with Laura.  She shivered at the thought Dane being that way with her.  She never doubted the fact that she would have children someday.  She loved them and always planned to have a family.  But this wasn’t exactly the way she thought it would happen. 

She walked down the hall to Danes office and found him staring at his computer blankly.  “Do you need something?”   He asked with a subtle edge to his voice.

“No, I’m just gonna run some errands and thought I would let you know that I was leaving.”

“I need a break anyway.  I’ll drive you.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I don’t think you should be driving.”  He stood up from his desk and closed his laptop as if this wasn’t up for discussion.

“I can call Jess.  She can give me a ride.”  Berkley didn’t want Dane to go with her.  She needed to buy new clothes and since her future was uncertain she planned on going ahead and buying maternity clothes that would at least get her through the first trimester.  She also didn’t want to risk running into George so she planned to avoid the upscale part of town completely.  There was a re-sale shop on corner of Vedrody and 22nd which carried gently used maternity clothes and should have enough to get her by on a budget.

“Berkley, just let it go, I’ll take you anywhere you need to go.”  He paused in front of her and lingered for just a second too long, her knees going weak as a result of his close proximity.  Every muscle in her body wanted to lean in closer to touch him and taste his lips.  “I’ll be in the truck.”  He said brushing past her allowing her lungs to fill with air once more.

She sighed and followed after him.  She loved the way he walked, the way the fabric of his t-shirt played across his form teasing her with the thought of the glorious body lying beneath.  She was hopeless and he was smirking at her as held the door open for her.

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