Side Chapter: Triple Date

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"Let's do this project!" Goldie shouted with glee. 

"Why do I have to join in this group of weirdos?" Springtrap asked, rolling his eyes in the process.

Goldie laughed. "We're not weirdos Springtrap. We're just retards!"

"Yeah!" he agreed. "Wait, what? Isn't that the same?"

"Logically speaking, the words weirdo and retard don't have the same meaning, spelling, pronunciation, syllabication and many more. So to answer your question Spring...No, they're not the same," Goldie explained.

"Wow...that makes perfect sense. You're pretty smart Gold Guy!"

"Ahahaha. Of course I am Trap!"

The two laughed fakely.

Behind them, four people looked dead and murderous...more like the walking dead.

"Hey guys!" someone called their names. It was Chichi with Marionette, Freddy and 3 other people from Goldie's class. They walked over to the group of weirdos "Are you also doing your project?"

"Yup!" Goldie replied.

"Woah...are you 6 like on...a triple date?" Marionette asked shyly.

"What?" Foxy finally spoke. "What do you mean triple date?"

"It's pretty obvious," one girl implied.

"How?" Bonbon asked. "When we have four boys?" She looked at the person beside her, glaring at him. "Well, maybe the virgin beside me isn't one of them."

"Do you have a problem?" Bonnie tried to ask calmly, his expression stating the opposite.

"No, not at all."

"Lovebirds, you better not do anything," Chichi told them. 

"We're not lovebirds!" the four chorused.

"And we're obviously here for a project...not a triple date," Mangle told them.

" guys are so cute. Can I take a picture?!"

"No," the four chorused. The girl backed away.

"So...umm..good luck on that group project," Chichi tried to cheer them up. "We gotta go. See ya guys."

Chichi's group went away.

"Triple date?" Springtrap asked aloud. "We only have 2 girls and 4 guys! How can it be a triple date?"

"Well. hypothetically speaking," Goldie started. "There were rumors about Mangle and Foxy going out since they're childhood best friends."


"That's hypothetically couple #1."

"So...couple #2 are...the bunnies over there!" Springtrap rejoiced.

"Exactly!" Goldie agreed and they high-fived.

"Tsk..." They heard Bonbon. "That leaves you two homos as couple #3, morons."


Springtrap and Goldie glared at her.

"What? It's a hypothesis!"

Goldie sighed. "Let's reverse everything here. Couple #1's me and Mangle since it's pretty obvi-"

"Wait, wait! Who ever agreed on that?!" 

"Hypothetically speaking Springtrap, couple#2 are Bonbon and Bonni-"


"What? Is there a problem Bonbon?"

Bonnie huffed. "This girl's just having her PMS."

"Excuse you, cretin who wants to be hypothetically paired with me!" Bonbon countered. 

Goldie sighed. "Fine, fine. Couple #1's  me and Mangle-"

"Hell no."

"I said hypothetically speaking Springtrap, couple#2 are Bonbon and Fox-"

"F*ck you Goldie," Bonbon and Foxy chorused.

"Fine! You choose the couples Bonbon since your entirely against this!" 

Bonbon cleared her throat. "Couple's #1's definitely me and Mangle! Foxy's with Bonnie and Springtrap's with Goldie!"

"Why am I shipped with this trap?!" Goldie whined.

"You should even be grateful you ended up with me!" Springtrap told him.

"If you think I'm into guys, you're definitely wrong. Especially not your boyfriend Bonbon," Foxy snapped.


"Shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Everyone looked at Mangle. "Are you going to argue or are we going to finish this project?!"

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Uhh...what about the ships and-"

"Shut it."

"Yes ma'am!"

And that's how they didn't utter a word in Mangle's presence.

. . .

Word Definitions:

Trap - A man who dresses like a woman and is somewhat feminine in appearance. Could almost be mistaken for a woman until you are in the bedroom with one. The hidden meaning behind the word Goldie used to describe Springtrap since he would like to insult him as NOT MAN ENOUGH.

Gold Guy - Springtrap meant that Goldie is a guy who flaunts his wealth and actually wants to attract Gold Diggers. Basically, he thinks Goldie has money to burn, which he does himself.

Note: This not a book of GoldiexSpringtrap. But you are free to ship....secretly~

. .  .

So...What have I been up to the past few weeks that I haven't updated? Nothing. Same as usual. School stuff. But my computer crashed and it was only fixed 2 days ago. I sincerely apologize that this is a side chapter. My mind is currently trying to think how I should write the next chapter so this story can progress. Add that to my unfinished stories. But....

I PROMISE the next chapter will be updated before October ends. I will really TRY. I'm very thankful for all the votes, comments, reads, and follows I have been receiving!

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