Past 8: Freddy, Chica, and Chichi as The Pained Ones

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Okay. The author's note is in the beginning of this chapter because I want this to go smooth. You'll know when you reach the end of this chappy. I worked hard for this. And it's my aim to make you cry. If you did, please tell me in the comments how hard you cried on the scale of 1-10. And umm....sorry for the long wait?

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Freddy, Chica and Chichi Warner were siblings. Their mother, Claire Warner died of leukemia when Freddy was four and Chica and Chichi were three. It was a tough job for their father, Francis Warner to give the three of them their daily necessities and needs. Freddy was a year older than the twins. He didn't actually talk very much. This left Chica and Chichi ignoring him, being used to his usual act. He was mature, they thought.

But he needed a mother. He just didn't show it. Nobody will care anyway.

Ever since they were kids, Freddy was always left out. Chica and Chichi were twins. Chica was spoiled too much, making their mother work even harder just to buy her useless things. Maybe that was the reason she died...but no one blamed Chica.

Chichi was...always following Chica. After all, Chica was a minute older than her. Once Chica ignored him, Chichi also did...but Freddy noticed her stealing glances at him once in a while with worried eyes.

Maybe Chica was their father's favorite, spoiling her even more. Nobody cared about Freddy. Because he was adopted.

Freddy left the orphanage when he was one and moved in with the Warner's. He didn't know his name so he just went with the flow of having his new parents name him. Claire was actually glad. Francis wasn't, but he couldn't disagree with her wife. So Freddy was just ignored by him.

Chica and Chichi knew that he was adopted the day Clair died. That was also the day they started to ignore him, not that they actually talk much before.

It was the same routine for Freddy.

June 1, 2007

Chica was jumping up and down. Chichi looked at Chica for a moment, as if memorizing her movements, and then jumped too.

"So does that mean you'll get to buy me new dresses Dad?" Chica squealed with glee.

"Oh! Oh! Can I get ragged clothes Dad? Chica told me they're necessary for being her servant!" Chichi's smile didn't falter.

Freddy stared. 'What's going on today?'

"Once I receive my pay, we'll get you as many dresses as we can my little darling Chica." Francis pinched Chica's cheeks.

'So no one will ask me what I want?' Freddy rolled his eyes at the usual scene.

"What job did you get, Dad?" Chichi asked.

"Oh. I was just hired as the main security guard in a jewelry store. It's a big company, too!" he boasted.

"What was it Dad?"

" you know that clothing line company where we bought your most expensive dress Chica?"

"The Calloway's?" Chica asked with glimmering eyes.

"Yes! Apparently, they also extended their business to a small jewelry store. And I'm working there starting tomorrow!"

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