Past 11: High School

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"We'll be in high school next week! Have you decided which school to choose, Foxy-senpai?"

Foxy felt a long stare from Mangle. "Yeah," he answered briefly.

"Which school did you choose?"

He glanced at Mangle's shining eyes. 'She'll probably follow me...'

"It's none of your business, isn't it?"

Mangle pouted. "No fair! I want to know!"

"You don't need to," Foxy told her bluntly then walked away.


Foxy ignored the maniac shouting for an unknown name in the middle of the street.

. . .

"You think you can stop me from attending the same school? Ha! You can't escape the Master of Stalking Foxy-senpai! Bwahahaha!"

That was Mangle. 

And yes, she does have a plan. In the name of love! Wait...Love?

She should probably stop shouting all over the place. She noticed the stares of people for so long.

She went straight home.

"Oh, your home early Mangle."

"Hey, Mom!" she greeted he aunt. "I'll just be upstairs!"

She rushed all the way to her room and found her pink laptop just sitting peacefully on top of her bed.


"Ahahahahaha! I got you now Foxy-senpai! I got you! Prepare to...spend your delightful youth with me for the rest of your life!"

Jessica could hear her niece's evil cackle from her room. Apparently, there's some kind of dark aura seeping out. ' be young.'

"Just wait Foxy-senpai! Just wait! I've narrowed all the high schools you'll go to base on your attitude and way of thinking!"

'Mangle could probably be smart...but she's an idiot for not knowing that she is,' Jessica thought.

. . .

After 2 days...

"Yes! I got it! Foxy will be taking the entrance exam for...

...Fazbear High?!"

Mangle fell to her knees. "That prestigious high school where only the smart people go to?!"

'I can make it in if I bribe the principal with money....but that would be a bad record in my list of the things I've done to be a better person!" it all turns out...

"Foxy, tutor me!"


"Foxy, tutor me!"

"I heard you!" Foxy felt a headache coming. "Why do I ever need to?"

"The entrance exam in Faz...Uh..I mean in the high school I want to go to is really hard! I really want to go there!" Mangle answered.

"Why?" he asked.

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