Past 18: History

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"So...when are you going to confess to Foxy?"

Mangle choked. 

"Woah! Woah!" Bonbon rushed to her kitchen to get Mangle a glass of water. 

"What the heck Bonbon?! Why did you spring that question all of a sudden?" Mangle asked, recovering.

"Because we're going to be third years in high school soon and you kept on being a broken hearted moron." Bonbon rolled her eyes. "Seriously, when are you going to man up?"

Mangle looked at her. "Man up? How about you confess to Bonnie first, then I'll man up?"

"I don't even like the guy. Why would I confess?"

"That's right. You don't like the guy. You love him." Mangled grinned like a fox. "Add that to when you considered him a guy!"

It was Bonbon's turn to roll her eyes. "If I love Bonnie, you would be dying just for Foxy."

Mangle sighed. "Whatever. I...just...I want to confess to him...I really want to. But...remember what happened the last time I did that?"

"Correction," Bonbon started. "You didn't confess to Foxy at all. You ran away..and...that happened."

"Yeah...I ran away. Because he likes her!" Mangle curled up in a corner.

"Oh Mangle..." Bonbon went closer to her. "For the past school year, we didn't even see them going out!"

"But he still likes her."

Bonbon smiled. "That doesn't mean Foxy hates you."

"Right. He may not hate me...but he may not love me either." Mangle pouted.

"Stop being so paranoid. I...have a plan~"

Mangle saw the look on Bonbon's face. "You're afraid to confess to Foxy because you think history might repeat itself right?" 

Mangle nodded.

"Then...this plan is perfect~"

"What are you talking about?" Mangle asked her best friend.

"You just have to confirm Foxy's feelings right?" Bonbon asked. Mangle nodded once again.

"Make him jealous~!" Bonbon announced without hesitation.


"You heard me. Make. Foxy. Jealous. Flirt with Springtrap or Goldie. Even Bonnie! If Foxy reacts, then there's gotta be love deep inside his heart somehow."

Mangle looked at Bonbon. "Are you sure that's going to work?" she asked.

"Of course my dear Mangle. Of course." Bonbon's smirk battled the Cheshire cat's in Alice in Wonderland. "After all, More men die of jealousy than of cancer."

Mangle only smiled. "Men will probably die because of you Bon."

. . .

"Good morning my princess," Goldie said from the door of her classroom. Girls from her class squealed in delight, not knowing Goldie meant Mangle.

Mangle saw Foxy looking her way. She thought of Bonbon's words.

"Flirt with Springtrap or Goldie. Even Bonnie! If Foxy reacts, then there's gotta be love deep inside his heart somehow."  

'Now's my chance!' Mangle thought. "Hey pretty boy." She winked.

Goldie stood there, stunned. Everybody was. Mangle looked at Foxy. 'Tsk...he didn't even bat an eyelash. Stupid Foxy.'

Springtrap entered the room. "Mangle..." He went to her seat. "Can you go with me later after class? Mom wants to talk to you."

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