Past 3: Bonbon, The Evil One

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"I don't want to love. Because I know people will just leave and hurt me. And selfish self-obsessed brat proved all of that wrong." -Bonbon Jones

October 25, 2006

BonBon Jones was a confident one. Even for a 5-year old, she was already very talented. On top of that, she is the daughter of Beth and Oliver Jones – the two main bosses of the Jones Clothing Line which came in second as the most successful and biggest clothing lines in the country. 

At that age, her parents had no doubt she would inherit the family business once she turns eighteen. But before that happens, her parents decided to enter her in a pre-school this school year until she graduates in college instead of being home schooled. But of course, it was no ordinary school. It was a school for rich people of course!

"Okay, settle down kids. Get back to your seats now." 

Bonbon stared at her homeroom teacher, waiting patiently like her other classmates for her to talk.

"Next week, our school will be conducting a play of each class in the grand hall. Of course, our class will be participating. There will be a lot of visitors coming including your parents. I would like you to vote for our main casts right now so that we can start rehearsals."

The class cheered, Bonbon did too. They were all very excited.

Their homeroom teacher smiled widely. "Choose wisely, okay? Remember a certain child prodigy is in the class next door~ You might not want to lose."

The teacher's words left Bonbon's classmates all pointing at her. She beamed with confidence.

"So I guess our main is Bonbon. Are you all sure?"

"Bonbon can do it ma'am!"

"Yeah! She's very talented!"

"We know we can win with her!"

"Alright. Are you fine doing it Bonbon?" 

"It will me my pleasure ma'am," Bonbon answered. The whole class cheered.

October 26, 2006  

Bonbon entered the gates of her mansion with two guards opening. Her driver opened the door of the car for her. As she stepped out, she held her head up high and stood in front of the house door with two maid greeting her and opening the door.

"Bonbon, home so soon?" The sight of her mom always made her think that she will look like her once she grows up. Beth Jones had long, blue hair and fair skin complete with shining green eyes. 

She nodded. "Mom! I was chosen as the lead character   in our school play for next week! You'll come right?"

"Of course. Go tell your Dad about it. He will be very happy to watch with me."

Bonbon ran up the stairs and opened the door to her father's office. "Hi Dad!"

The man, Oliver Jones, smiled at her daughter with his usual dark hair and green eyes. "Good to see you Bonbon. Why so giddy today?"

"Next week, each of all the classes will perform in the main hall for a play! I was chosen as the main in my class! You'll come with mom, right Dad?" 

"Yes, yes. It will be a great chance to exchange deals with other business bosses there. Plus...that child will be performing too. I would like to see the extent of his talents as the son of the boss of the number one Clothing Line company in our country."

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