Past 5: Bonnie, The Conceited One

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"Maybe the reason why I believe too much in things is because I can't face the truth. It hurts too much." - Bonnie Matthews.

February 5, 2007

Bonnie Matthews was very attractive. Very...very...very...very...


Well, that's what him, a young boy at the age of 6, thought.

And well, as a kid, his parents told him not to show off much despite the fact the he came from a rich family and his father was the boss for one of the most popular company that produced shoes - Strike. So what he thought about his looks, he kept it to himself since he thought he doesn't need to say anything. His face showed everything they need to know, duh. Except if they're blind.

Everybody relied on him. He first thought this happened because he was an important person they can rely on. Oh how wrong he was.

"Hey Bonnie, can you please lend me your assignment? I forgot to do mine." one of the girls in his class asked him.

"Sure!" Pulling out his notebook from his back, he gave it to her willingly.

"Bonnie, can you lend me some money? You're rich right? I'll return it right away," another one approached him.

"Sure!" Puling out a bunch of papers from his wallet, he gave it to her without hesitation.

"Thanks! You're the best!"

"Bonnie, can you lend me a mechanical pencil? I'll give it back, promise!"

Bonnie stared at the girl who approached him then immediately turned red. Layla Jabel was indeed, a very pretty girl. Most of the boys in his class had a crush on her. Of course, Bonnie did too.

"Anything for you Layla." He picked out his pencil case and gave her his new mechanical pencil other than his used ones. He smiled when their fingers brushed for a second.

"Uh...thanks," Layla smiled, retracting her hand.

"You're welcome," he beamed.

He could've it enjoyed it more. Because he never thought, that his popularity, will soon come to an end.

February 13, 2007

"It's...Valentine's Day. Tomorrow."

Bonnie sighed. He felt anxious. He's going to convey his feelings, alright. And he, will undoubtedly, succeed. Hell yeah. 

He heard a loud honk from outside his house and he immediately knew it was his parents' car and they've arrived from work. It was rather late. I mean, it was 11 in the evening for Pete's sake!

He made his way down as fast as he could and stopped in front of the door, panting. He saw his parents already inside their house.

"Good evening, Mom, Dad." He smiled. 

His father groaned as he sat in the wide sofa, accompanied by his mother who was already sitting there. He eyed them.

"What's wrong? You don't look this tired when you usually come home," Bonnie stated.

"Oh, Bunbuns. It's awful," his mother, Vannessa Matthews told him as she covered her forehead with the palm of her hand. He wasn't used to his mother getting stressed. He got used to being called 'Bunbuns' though. 

'Ugh...weird nickname,' he thought.

"We...our company...Our company's sales were bought. All of them," his father, Bryce Matthews added.

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