Past 17: Problems and More Problems

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Bonbon glared her hardest.  "What is it?"

Bonnie had his head down. 

"What? Aren't you going to talk?" She rolled her eyes. She turned away, ready to leave...but...a hand grabbed her own.

She sighed, stopping the tears forming in her eyes. "Did you stop me for such a stupid reason again? What...more do you want to say?"

"I'm sorry."

She pulled her hand back and faced him.

"You're sorry?! You're sorry?! How many times do I have to hear this?!"

"I'll say it as many times as I want...and I won't stop..." She stared at him - his eyes full of emptiness, but maybe that was just her imagination. "I won't stop until you say you forgive me!"

"Well take that sappy apology to your grave you *sshole. Because you won't ever hear me forgiving you!" She tried to run away but Bonnie's hand stopped her again.

"Let me go!" she said as she pulls her hand back. "Why do we have to go through this again?!"

"Because I can't let go!" Bonnie screamed. Bonbon only stared at him. He fell on his knees. " matter what, you're still the only girl...I tried...I tried to fix can't you just hear me out?"

Bonbon could feel her hand being released from Bonnie's grip, as his hand fell to the ground. For the last time, she looked at him in the eye. "There was never an us. What could possibly change?"

"Then, what can I do to change something...anything?"

"Rot in hell Bonnie."

And just like that, she started to walk away ever so slowly, her heart causing the same pain to her as a year ago. 

"That's right. Run away Bonbon." She heard him say. Bonbon only closed her eyes. 

As soon as she left, Bonbon never heard Bonnie's final words. "I'll just keep on chasing you...till the ends of hell."

The next day...

"What's with the lovebirds?" Chichi asked Mangle but she didn't even blink.


After a few minutes, Chichi gave up. Something was definitely going on. First, Bonbon kept on running into walls and hitting her head, then there's Bonnie that kept on writing 'I'm sorry' endlessly on a piece of paper. Oh, there's also Foxy that seemed to be acting weird...Why?

"Is that Goldie I see there?" Chichi asked loudly.

Foxy's head immediately snapped to the direction of the door.

"Oh..must've been just me."

His head returned to facing his desk.

And lastly, there's Mangle, who seems to be spacing out again. Wow, isn't this nostalgic?

"Is the world ending?" Springtrap asked her. "Why are the people around me acting so weird?"

"You're also a weird one," she told him.

"Ah dear Chichi, how I missed you nagging me!" he told her.

"Shut up. We need to fix things. And quick," Chichi told him. "Aren't you Mangle's boyfriend? It's your job to cheer her up."

"Cheer her up? She looks fine to me~"

Mangle stood up as the bell rang. Springtrap, Chichi, Marionette and Freddy watched her as she directly headed to the direction of the door. "See? She's walking fi-"

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