Past 16: Jealousy

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"W-what...what are you doing here?" Mangle managed to stutter out.

"I'm your new neighbor!" 


"I just moved in yesterday. It took a while to find a good place to settle. I'm so glad it was with someone I know!" he smiled.

God, that smile was captivating.

"Look who helped me!" Goldie pointed in front of the gates of Mangle's house. Standing there was one neutral-looked red head.

"Foxy?" she asked.

" his name was Foxy! He wouldn't say anything to me and just lead me here when I visited his house to see my new neighbor. Did I do something?"

Mangle shrugged. She glanced at Foxy again. He was facing backwards. 'What's with him?'

"So...umm...would you like to come in?"

"I appreciate the offer but not today, princess. I have someone to meet."

Mangle blinked. 'Princess?'

"See you at school!" And just like that, Goldie left.

Mangle approached Foxy who was still standing there. "Why didn't you say anything to him?" Mangle asked.

"I don't have anything to say to him."

Mangle shrugged. "He's a nice guy."

"Yeah, yeah. He's so nice I could die happily with just eating his sh*t."

Mangle stared at Foxy. "Mr. Foxy Cooper, did you just spout the word 'sh*t' in front of me?!"

Foxy started to walk away. 

"Stop right there!" she started running towards him but Foxy was faster. 

Mangle fell down on the ground as she bumped on his back. 'When did he stop walking?'

"It must be nice. He even called you a princess..."

"Yeah, he-" Mangle looked at Foxy. "How could you hear that with the long distance?"

"I'm going home."

"Hey!" Mangle shouted but Foxy was already too far. 'What's wrong with my life? Rather, what's wrong with him?!'

Goldie's House --- Mangle's House --- Foxy's House

. . .

"Shall we go home together?"

Mangle looked up from her desk. "What?" she asked in bewilderment.

"I asked if I can take you home today, Princess."

"Uhh...why?" Mangle asked. Her classmates were staring at them. They were whispering here and there.

Goldie smiled just like he usually does. "Because I like you~"

The murmurs stopped. 

Mangle heard footsteps coming towards her desk. 

"Excuse me, dude. She's my girlfriend."

"Springtrap!" Mangle unconsciously blurted out.

"Is she? I never saw you guys hang out or date."

"That's either because  you're new, or just plain stupid."

Goldie smirked. Springtrap sarcastically smiled.

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