Past 10: Things Will Never Be The Same Again

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Whooo! A new chapter! Rejoice people! Haha...kidding. more chapter till we get back to where it ended in True Love. Hope this news made your day! 

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After 6 years...

"Who are you?!"

"I am your ever loyal servant; Chichi Warner is my name, sir!"

"What did you do in these past six years?!"

"Train vigorously and as hard as I can, sir!"

"What is your only reason for living?!"

"To protect your son, Sir Springtrap Calloway, sir!"

"I can't hear you!"

"To protect Sir Springtrap Calloway with my life, sir!"

"Then, you're all set! Remember...the reason your still living is because of me. Your father had thrown you away and will never come back to you."

"Yes sir! You are the reason why I am living! My father had thrown me away and he will never come back to get me!"

"Ugh...early in the morning and there's this shouting. What the f*ck is going on?" Springtrap yawned. His messy bed hair was very obvious first thing in the morning.

"Good morning, sir! I am your new bodyguard, Chichi Warner at you service!" Chichi introduced herself.

Springtrap smirked. "I see." There was malice hidden in those eyes. "What a funny name. You can call me Prince Springtrap or Your Highness, though."

"Springtrap! Watch your mouth!"

"Shut up Dad. You arranged me a marriage to a girl I never met so it's only right for me to complain a little. In a way, I can get back at you." Springtrap glared.

Spencer sighed. "We've talked about this countless times. You know I won't change my mind unless you bring me a proper girl."

"Yeah, yeah." Sprintrap glanced back to Chichi. "So?"

"My deepest apologies Sir Springtrap, but calling you a prince will be quite informal and it's certainly not a suitable word next to your filthy name."

"Dad! This new servant likes to sass!"

"Complain all you want, Sir. But your father can't fire me. Nor can I quit this job."

"An ice queen, you are, my lovely Chichi."

Chichi rolled her eyes heavenwards. 'This is gonna be such a pain...'

. . .

"Where are you going?!" Chica asked her brother.

"Work," he answered briefly.

"Where exactly?!" She was getting irritated.

"To a coffee shop. There's this new established company by the Matthews'. I got hired there yesterday."

Freddy didn't tell the whole story. The Matthews actually heard about the misery of their family. Starting with their father who failed to be a security guard in some sort of jewelry shop, followed by a car accident in the same day, they heard about all of it since the car the thief stole with his runaway was owned by the Mr. Bryce Matthew who was inside the jewelry shop. They decided to hire his as a waiter in their new company. He also heard about the misfortune of their old company – Strike. But all in all, they were a great help to earn his own income.

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