Past 6: Marionette, The Saved One

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"I'm lonely. I'm sad. I have no one else to talk to. And no matter how much pain they cause me, I still won't cry. Why? Because I'm not supposed to cry. I can't cry. Or else, the very person who saved me from this dark and cruel world will be lonely. The person who had the brightest smile. Why would she even save me when we were mere strangers? I guess she had felt the same way - being alone." - Marionette Hale

February 14, 2007

Marionette Hale was being avoided by a lot of people. She didn't know why. Always wearing black clothes, she didn't mind the stares she was receiving. Could it be because...she'd always caused misfortune to those around her?

Because of people's reactions, she tried not to mind. But she was a growing 6 year old girl. How can she not notice anything? She's a bad omen. To everyone around her.

It all started when her mother died because of giving birth to her. Her father, Nathan Hale, didn't blame her. But she could see the hate deep inside those dark eyes. 

Whenever she's around, something bad happens. So she kept herself inside their small house. It's not like she needed to go out. Her father was already working hard to keep them both alive. She shouldn't be a burden.

That's when it happened again.

Her father. Lost his job today.

Her father's work was the only thing that kept them scraping by, so what can they do now? Just die? It was a good option for Marionette. 

"Don't worry. I'll try to find work again and somehow manage," her father assured her.

'He didn't even call me by my name,' she thought. She could see the hidden words behind that statement. You're a burden. Just die.

Good thing her father was still sane.

It was a big company. She remembered the pair of black doll shoes her father brought her. It was the day he got accepted into the job and the boss of the company gave it to him as a sort of memento. Her father only worked, in Marionette's own mind 'the one who carried out the garbage and clean the floors'. 

Well...remembering the writing at the back of the shoes, she remembered the name which she tried to read - Strike.

February 15, 2007

"Bonbon? Is something wrong?"

Bonbon looked up and looked at her mother from the dining table. "No. Nothing at all."

"Are you sure?"


She heard her mother sigh. "I'm not going to force you to tell me everything but when something is really bothering you, you ask for my, or your father's help. Understand?" 

Beth Jones was a strict mother, but even though her voice held authority, it sounded kind and understanding.

Bonbon just nodded. "Speaking of Dad, where is he?" she asked, changing the subject.

"He had a meeting. Pretty strange. I was sure he didn't. But maybe it was a last minute decision," her mother commented.

She just kept listening. "Ah, also, did I mention I'm supporting a family who lived a couple blocks away from us?"

Bonbon seemed interested so Beth continued. "Unfortunately, that family had their company's sales bought and so they had no choice but to dismiss all the workers. Poor things. The wife of the boss of that company was one of my friends in college so I just decided to help them a bit."

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