Past 2: Foxy, The Sly One

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"You're a complete idiot. An annoying idiot. A selfish idiot. A kind idiot. A beautiful idiot. Can you tell me why I fell in love with an idiot like you again?" -Foxy Cooper

October 30, 2006

Foxy Cooper was angry. No...he was furious. But his face didn't show any emotions except his furrowed brows which seemed to be even more lower by 0.1 mm than usual, which came unnoticed by a certain Mangle Ventura.

If Mangle was naïve, Foxy was innocent. True, Mangle was an oddball. And Foxy looked mature...well, looks don't tell what's on the inside. He barely had any contact with girls since he hates being with one! He always thought, if you're friends with a girl, they won't care about how annoyed you are when they grab a boy in the arm and drag them somewhere. They get what they want because girls are girls. They'll force you to play house, with their plastic dolls, and what's with the fake cooking miniature toys?! So, Foxy preferred to stay away from these 'girls'. But what was happening now was the complete opposite.

He was currently sitting face to face with a certain girl the same age as him while she was enjoying putting girly pins on his head. Foxy turned red, only now noticing how close Mangle was to him.

'Why did I agree to this again? Ah...wait a minute. I didn't agree to anything at all!!'

"Stay away woman!" Foxy pushed Mangle. She chuckled as she lied on the carpet.

"I DON'T REMEMBER GIVING YOU THE PERMISSION TO DO ANYTHING WITH MY HAIR!" he screamed as he stood up, looking down at her.

"Oh? You only noticed that right now?~" Mangle asked, giggling again. "Don't worry Foxy. I'm already finished with your hair." She stood up and went to look for a mirror in one of her drawers.

Foxy looked around inside her room. It was actually the first time he was inside a girl's room. It actually looked...nice. And it smelled like strawberries too...just like her. Foxy shook his head like a dog drying himself. 'I shouldn't be deceived!'

"Found it!" Mangle put the mirror in front of his face. Foxy stared at his reflection in pure shock.

"What the fu-" Foxy cut his sentence short. Mangle is very contagious. He cleared his throat and started over again. "What did you do to my hair?! I look like a freaking homo!"

This time, Mangle couldn't control the laughter inside of her and sat on the carpet while rolling with laughter. Foxy glared at her, in his own way. He smirked.

"Your underwear is showing~" he told her, although it was a lie.

Mangle flushed red and sat up, pulling her skirt downward. "Pervert!"

"What? It's not my fault you're wearing pink panties!"

He had only guessed the color though...

Mangle was a blushing mess. "How dare you?! My, my. At this age, and you're already know about those things?!" Mangle faked a gasp. "DON'T TELL ME YOU'RE WATCHING POR-"


Mangle laughed. "How innocent...Too innocent."

"'re five and you know what those filthy things are called?!" he shrieked.

"Of course. I saw my dad watching them. It's called por-"

"Shut it!" Foxy hissed. "I don't wanna hear it!"

"Serves you right for mocking underwear," she huffed.

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