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(Just in case you didn't read it and still waiting with your mouth hanging wide open)

Hi to everyone on planet Earth (especially...readers)!!!I have good news and bad news. Although the bad news may be a bit heart breaking to some of you. Therefore I will type the bad news first.Okay. Deep breath. Bad news is, I will not be updating on my stories until this school year is over. In my country...that's probably about...3 months away since our summer vacation starts around April. And, I'm currently lazy and very very BUSY.Good news is, once summer vacation starts, I will update every other day. I promise. Unless I have a perfectly considerable reason.I'm so very sorry. I know pretty much of you are waiting for updates but I just can't do it. You can't force people. I just hope all those supporters would still be here when I go back. I love you all!

. . .

I just want to ask you a few questions. Your opinion matters to me, be it good or bad.

Q1. How many people want me to still continue this story?

Because if no one is reading it, then there would be no use in me trying to put effort into typing right? Regarding question 1, if a majority of people do not want me to continue this story, I would post a maximum of 20 oneshot stories every 2 weeks starting January. If a majority of people want me to continue this story, then until April comes, I would be posting a maximum of 5 oneshot stories.

Q2. Do you watch anime?

Let's be buddies! (LOL)

PS: If a lot of people want me to continue this story, I am willing to post in the next chapter a few lines...or let's just say peeks of the characters' lines. I will be waiting until next week for your opinions in the comments.

Love love <3


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