Past 4: Springtrap, The Fake One

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"I had always been the main character. I had thought you would be my main heroine. And then I realized, this was your story and I was only a side character." – Springtrap Calloway.

October 25, 2006

Springtrap Calloway was 5 and half years old. He didn't prefer to be called a kid. So make sure you get his age right. He was prideful, showing no weaknesses to others. He was rich too...with good looks! How unfair that must be to other people...He was perfect in their eyes. They thought he had a perfect life. Even in pre-school, he was the one everyone looked up to. And by everyone, I mean EVERYONE.

He was studying in a private pre-school to boot! For rich people only! He was also a great actor. Well, let's just say he was perfect beneath that mask – a child prodigy at the age of 5...and a half.

What people didn't know was...he hated his life. And maybe will still hate it when he grows older.

Why, you ask? Even if he can have everything he wanted in a snap of a finger, he was still one of his parents' puppets, controlling his whole life.

Although, he still kept faking it for the sake of his parents' name. His parents are the bosses to their family's designing company. Whatever he wore represented their company's works. As the heir to the Calloway Clothing Line, the number one most successful and biggest clothing line in the country, he sometimes modeled his parents' designs. He was also the next heir...but there was one tiny little problem...

No... A very big problem. He was bad at drawing or even designing things! Their whole family, even his ancestors were prodigies. And to think that he was the only one who didn't know how to draw an eggplant! 

But, his parents decided for him to learn art and designs...and that's why he is in this school right now.

Next week, his class is going to do a school play for the upcoming Halloween. And guess who the lead actor is.

Who else? Him, of course.

Springtrap's life was really like a play. Besides...he likes acting considering that he does it every day.

. . .

Springtrap's father was furious.

"Why are you a lead actor in your school play instead of representing your class in the poster contest?!"

He fidgeted in a corner as his father scolded him.

"Focus on your own priorities! You can do that school play once you can draw properly you useless good for nothing child!"

He was holding his tears in. After all, he was used to all of this.

"Dear, take it easy on Springtrap. He's still your son," his mother tried to stop the hand flying towards him but his father was too strong. The next thing he knew, he was knocked on the ground and he quickly stood up and dashed to his room.

"Yeah...I'm still his son. His only son. His only heir. Of course they won't let me die," he chuckled as he muttered things to himself.

"I hate my life."

October 26, 2006

The next day, Springtrap was astonished when he found his father outside his room as soon as he went out to head for school.

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