Fredbear/Golden Freddy x Reader  by Fionna16
Fredbear/Golden Freddy x Reader by ღ ғιonnalover16 ღ
(Y/n), a 10 year old girl, loved to go to Fredbear's Family Diner to play with her bestfriend, Fredbear. She always calls him Goldie for short. She would sneak out from...
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They Can Love? Human FNAF x Reader by FreeFlyer68
They Can Love? Human FNAF x Readerby FreeFlyer68
Y/n decides that it's time to get a job. Especially after what just happened. Y/n see's an ad in the paper for a night guard at a kids pizzeria. Accepting the fact that...
  • goldie
  • foxy
  • chica
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I Am Always Here ~A FNaF x Reader~ by SnowyFrostedWinter
I Am Always Here ~A FNaF x Reader~by Frosted Winter Spirit
You were an excellent kid. Everyone noticed this. Your parents especially. They would take you to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. You loved going there. The pizza, the music...
  • mike
  • bonnie
  • love
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The Hidden One (FNAF 2 Yandere! Human! Golden Freddy x Reader) DISCONTINUED by chenlegs
The Hidden One (FNAF 2 Yandere! ReGuLaR hUh
THIS STORY IS DISCONTINUED. Yup, that's right. I'm writing a yandere fanfic. Or should I say... Fnafic? Eh? Eh? Anywho.... "My darling (Y/N)," He coos, grippi...
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Golden Strings [Golden Freddy x Reader x Puppet] by p19Urpl_8egUrl_7-3
Golden Strings [Golden Freddy x Violent
Your name is (F/N) (L/N) and you're currently trying to get a job so you can actually afford things. Until one day, you look in the newspaper and you see an ad that says...
  • puppet
  • goldenstrings
  • xreader
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golden bliss (springtrap x golden freddy) by Yukki-Ko
golden bliss (springtrap x Aki
so here it is my first story It's about springtrap and how he's so romancely hopeless. Springtraps thrown into a new location after being shotput out of fazbears fright...
  • springtrap
  • goldenfreddy
  • fivenightsatfreddys
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FNAF Human Boyfriend Scenarios by Hailey-Senpai
FNAF Human Boyfriend Scenariosby The God Of Burgers
Ever wonder what it would be like to date one of the male (humanized) characters of the Five Nights At Freddy's Series? Wellp, here are some scenarios to help QUENCH tha...
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  • chicochicken
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Human!FNaF x Reader by HaleyRJ
Human!FNaF x Readerby Haley (Hiatus)
Your mom recently got fired from her job. She asks you to get a job until she can find one. You said yes. But what happens when you take the night shift job at Freddy Fa...
  • balloonboy
  • toybonnie
  • mangle
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Hold the Gold {Golden Freddy X Reader} (STILL UPLOADING) by KawaiiHoemanSam
Hold the Gold {Golden Freddy X One and Only Sam! ^3^
"(Y/N)?" "Yes Goldie?" He seems to be nervous. "I-I-I.." You smiled at him and grabbed his hand. "Goldie, its okay. Just tell m-"...
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◈We LOVE You◈ |Yandere!Fnaf x Reader| by SairinSakamaki
◈We LOVE You◈ |Yandere!Fnaf x Shiro~Senpai
•|What happens When animatronics fall in love with (Y/N)? But the thing is, this is unhealthy, obbsesive love. What happenes then you a little cinimanroll, applys for t...
  • shyreader
  • fnafxreader
  • yandere
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Salvage [FNAF X Animatronic Reader] by Bunnerscotch
Salvage [FNAF X Animatronic Reader]by Cottontail
You are Y/n the F/a! You come from Logans Food Polar, but certain things happen. Leaving you dismantled and forgotten. You just wanted to be free, to be out of a pitch b...
  • fivenightsatfreddys
  • animatronic
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Five Nights At Freddy's Roleplay by Son-Goki
Five Nights At Freddy's Roleplayby Son Goki
La temática esta adentro no dire más nada
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Can I make you love again? Fnaf Golden FreddyXAbused!Reader (RETURNED!) by NightmareFlowerFNAF
Can I make you love again? Fnaf NightmareFlowerFNAF
You are (Y/N). After your sister, (S/N) died, you parents and brother believed it was your fault and let their anger out on you. You are quiet and an outcast, causing yo...
  • fanfiction
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Who Would Work Here(a Five Nights In Anime Fanfiction) by JustinHumbleJr
Who Would Work Here(a Five billcypher_finalform
  • bonnie
  • goldenfreddy
  • foxy
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Markiplier X child reader by Jamlessangel
Markiplier X child readerby Angel
(Name) was waiting for some one to adopt her. She love watching Markiplier! No one in the orphanage like her not even the owner Mrs.Lee. (Name) got the worst from the wo...
  • youtube
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  • protonjon
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Goldentrap (Golden Freddy and springtrap) true love 💛💚 by foxylover13
Goldentrap (Golden Freddy and Foxylover13
Golden Freddy was a normal animatronic, at least that's what he was told. Springtrap was a misunderstood animatronic, nobody understood him or his past. What happens whe...
  • romance
  • boyxboy
  • love
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(Yandere)FNAF ANIMATRONICS/ AlishaDaWolf
You can request anything, just make sure to read the rules first :). I have known FNAF for many years, but I suddenly gained interested in it and learned more about the...
  • bonnie
  • jeremy
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Time starts ticking (FNAF Golden Freddy x Reader) by Krazykazzy
Time starts ticking (FNAF Golden Kazzy
Time gives life. While it can do the opposite. My time gets taken away to give to others while I slowly get weaker and soon fade away. Gone. Forever. Not be able to do a...
  • fnaf
  • time
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My Golden Opportunity (Golden Freddy x Reader)(1st Book) by chen-loiz21
My Golden Opportunity (Golden chen-loiz21
18-year-old (Y/N) moved again to a new neighborhood, which means a new school and new friends. She doesn't seem happy about these changes. It feels like her mom is going...
  • fanfiction
  • xreader
  • wattys2017
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Human! Fnaf X Reader by XXXXAnonymous
Human! Fnaf X Readerby XXXXAnonymous
Hurrrr! Er... Heya! So, this is my very first story and what better genre to make a story than romance? (Cough action and drama included cough) I decided to make a story...
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