Past 19: Doubt

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"As you have all been waiting for, the school year is about to end. For this school year, we will be having a field trip to Italy for a week. We all know every student in this class cannot afford the expenses. Fortunately, Mr. Calloway's parents right here insisted on paying for everything. However, I have asked his parents to let all of you decide. I will be out in a meeting for a moment. Class president, please take over."

Springtrap stared at the silhouette of their teacher as it grew farther. But he didn't have enough time of peace and quiet as his classmates started bombarding him with questions. 

'Well don't ask me. I have no idea what our teacher is talking about.' He rolled his eyes. He faced the other direction only to face Chichi's curious eyes. He made her a look that stated he had no knowledge of all of...this.

"All right, settle down," Bonnie tried to shut them up as he walked in front of the classroom, being class president and all. "How about we discuss this as orderly as we can?"

They weren't paying attention to him. Bonnie cleared his throat many times but the noise erupted by his classmates only got louder and louder. 

"Freaking God dammit, will you all shut up and pay attention so we can all resolve this matter?!" Bonbon suddenly shouted from the front of the class. It didn't surprise everyone, since she tends to be controlling as the vice president. With that done, everyone decided to shut up. "Thank you." She sat down.

"Uhh...thank you, Bonbon," Bonnie said and smiled at her.

She rolled her eyes at him. "Whatever. Just get to it."

"Duh, hurry it up already!" Chica rolled her eyes. Bonbon glared daggers at her.

Bonnie cleared his throat once again, ignoring Chica.

Foxy only stared into space. During their time in their second year in high school, Mangle seemed to grow more distant towards him. With that, he had forgotten that rumors about him and Chica still circulating around school campus. Also, he had forgotten to fake a break-up with Chica. Not that he cared. Mangle didn't care now, so she wouldn't even bat an eyelash if she found out. He had no obligation to tell her it was all fake. After all, the girl seemed to take a liking to Springtrap and made moves of flirtation with him before he told her that he was going out with Chica. I mean, what's up with that?

He couldn't read her at all. She stared at her face. Nothing seemed to change. Mangle seemed not paying attention. Foxy watched as her lips parted for a sigh. His heart skip a beat. 'Woah, what the heck was that?'

He almost punched himself. But even with all that, he couldn't take his eyes off her. 'What's with this strange magnetic force? sounds like I'm in love with her.' He blinked. 

But then, Foxy found himself staring at Mangle face to face. Their eyes met, and there was that weird speeding of his heart beat again. They stared, wide-eyed at each other. They both looked away at the same time...Foxy found his heart beat still speeding. He laughed inside his head. 'Nope. It couldn't possible be.'

. . .

For the past months, Mangle felt apathetic.  Apathetic to what exactly? She didn't know what...yet. Perhaps, everything? For the past months, she tried everything to make less contact with Foxy. But after they made that brief moment of eye contact, her feelings for him suddenly rushed back to her again, reminding her of how much she really liked him.

'Are we slipping away? Is this for the best?'

It seems to her that her feelings were fading. Slowly...but it was fading. She wasn't sure what she felt. Was it fear? Or the joy of freedom to like someone else other than him?

Whatever that feeling was, it was unsettling and she couldn't sleep at night knowing he only lived beside her own house. One thing was for sure though. She was starting to doubt her feelings for him.

. . .

The second years found themselves boarding a private plane a week after. Of course, the Calloway family sponsored the trip. They were going to a field trip to Italy. And staying there for a week. Just wow. Mangle didn't pay attention to the discussion but she was excited for this.

But she couldn't find herself excited at all with the ride because Bonnie and Bonbon kept bickering at each other and their choice of the seat arrangement was probably the reason for it. Not that Foxy and her had room to complain. Bonbon and bonnie wouldn't notice them at all or even consider their opinion. So they ended up with these seat arrangements:

Mangle – Bonbon – Bonnie – Foxy (but they had to change since Bonbon and Bonnie were arguing)

Bonbon – Bonnie – Foxy – Mangle (but they had to change since Bonbon was far from Mangle)

And then lastly, they ended up like this:

Bonnie – Mangle – Foxy – Bonbon (since the two wouldn't shut up and all Mangle and Foxy did was sleep, at least pretend to be)

"What's wrong?" Freddy asked Marionette who was sitting beside her.

"Nothing," she answered.

Goldie went back from the restroom to seat beside them. "Everything alright?"

Mary stared at Goldie. "I've only noticed this, but you look pretty feminine Goldie. Also, your voice seems a bit forced."

Goldie laughed. "It's natural.'re changing the subject. You don't look well the moment we got on the plane."

"It's nothing, okay? Let's just enjoy this trip." Mary smiled. 'I just hope this bad feeling wouldn't result to anything dangerous during the duration of this trip. Nothing bad could possible happen, right?' She reassured herself.

"I'm so excited for this trip! I couldn't sleep at night!" Goldie kept on moving from his seat.

Suddenly, Springtrap sat beside Goldie's seat. "This seat seems to be free."

Goldie frowned. "Why sit here?"

Springtrap pointed at Bonnie and Bonbon who were arguing about something again. He wasn't only pointing at Bonnie and Bonbon either. The two beside them seemed to be not making eye contact or saying anything at each other for the matter.

"Springtrap, I didn't think you were actually rich. Your parents sponsored our trip, right?"

"Oh?" Springtrap smirked. "You're actually interested in something about me for once?"

Goldie didn't falter though. When Springtrap saw that smile, he felt the hairs from behind his neck standing. "I just haven't been to a field trip before!"

"Huh? Don't we have field trips every year in school?" Mary asked out of curiosity.

Goldie looked away and Springtrap found himself staring.

"I can't afford the expenses so I've never been to one. So, thanks a lot for this, Springtrap!" Goldie smiled.

Springtrap was frozen. 'What the heck was that chill? Creepy!'

Little did they know, this field trip would change everything...for better for worse.

. . .

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