Past 13: Second Year

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Months passed. Mangle and her friends' second year in high school was about to come to an end. But not without something good happening first.

"So, next week, we'll be having our masquerade school party to celebrate your completion of another year."

Bonbon leaned closer to Mangle and whispered in her best friend's ear. "Completion of another year she says. More like survival in a death game."

Mangle laughed loudly. The class stared at her. 


She found it too ironic. 'Survival in a death game' was actually too perfect to describe her life, considering she's been in accidents a lot, remembering this, and forgetting that. Add the fact she almost died a lot of times.

The teacher cleared her throat and continued discussing about the incoming party.

For once, Mangle actually had something to look forward to. Their principal was new, but she was too kind for her own good. Every one of them took that kindness for granted to suggest a party for the 'non-achievers' to not feel left out.

"That's it for today. You may now go home."

It was the end of the school year and they had a week before the party. Mangle stood up from her seat.

She looked around and found someone staring at her intently. Mangle looked away as soon as her and Foxy's eyes met. 'Geez...this is hard to keep as a secret.'

That day Mangle got out of the hospital, Foxy asked a lot of questions about her whereabouts but her friends made up all these kinds of excuses. It was pretty ridiculous, actually.

. . .

"Where have you been all this time?! Do you know how worried I was?!" The sight of Foxy greeted them. His hands clutched tightly to both her shoulders. He was tremblimg.

Mangle was tongue tied. After regaining all of her memories, she now knew everything. Well, maybe not everything. ""

"She got pregnant with Fred-Ow!"

Bonbon elbowed Bonnie in his sides. "That's the second blow I received today!" he complained.

"F*ck off, Bonnie," Bonbon whispered in a low threatening tone. It was probably only him that heard it. Bonnie closed his mouth.

"Ah...don't worry Foxy. Mangle's just got hemorrhoids," Bonbon told him. Wait..that can't be right.

"What?" Foxy tried to hear it again.

"Ah, wait wait wait! That came out wrong!" Bonbon tried to redeem her statement.

"Yeah..." Springtrap slung an arm around Foxy's shoulders. "You see here dude, Mangle is about to die."

"What?!" Foxy shoved Springtrap's arm off of his shoulder.

"Foxy, don't listen to them! Chica just cursed Mangle using a voodoo doll, no need to worry," Chichi joined in.


Mangle could only sigh. Why is she surrounded by these people?

"Let me clear it out for everyone." Everyone was surprised to hear Freddy talking. He was talking a lot today. He took a deep breath but his face looked still the same as ever.

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