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Alexander North

7 years later..

I woke up because someone crash their body to mine. I opened my eyes suddenly to see my son and daughter laughing and jumping up and down our bed.

"Archer! Autumn!" I called and they keep giggling

"Oh gosh" I groaned

"Who stole mommy's cookies?" Angel suddenly walked in and the kids stop. They attacked me with hugs and I saw Angel's face is furious.

"Archer.. Autumn.. who stole it?" Angel asked the kids and the kids pointing at each other. I looked at them confuse

Archer is my 5 years old son and Autumn is my 4 years old daughter. Archer and Autumn got their mom's eyes and hair , they both got my attitude and the way they smile is mine.

"Who stole mommy's cookies kids?" I asked and they both looked at me but still pointing at each other

"You guys promise that you both will eat 1 everyday but yesterday we still have 15" Angel hissed and they both pouted

"Who ate it?"

"Archer!" Autumn said

"You!" Archer pointed back at her

"Kids.. who? Tell mommy the truth or she won't bake cookies for you in the future" I said , they both looked at each other. I turned to Angel who gestured me a thumbs up

"We both ate it but Archer ate 9" Autumn said and I closed my eyes

"You're the one who want it first!" Archer said

"Kids kids" I said

"Mommy won't bake cookies forever" Angel said and walked out , Autumn cried and ran to her mom. I laughed looking at my little Autumn acting like that

"Autumn is stupid" Archer said and I glared at him

"Why do you say that?" I asked

"She's annoying!" Archer protested

"She's your sister and you have to love her! You'll be lonely if you don't have any siblings" I said and ruffled his hair

"Dad.. can we go swimming today?" He asked

"If you reconsile with Autumn then we can go" I said and Archer quickly get down from my bed. He ran out and I laughed.

Damn why do my kids are so funny.. They acted like Angel when she's piss sometimes

I walked out and walked to the kitchen , I saw Angel is making sandwich with Archer who is begging for Autumn's forgiveness and Autumn being her feisty self she ignores Archer.

I walked to my wife and back hug her

"Morning love" I kissed her cheek

"Morning handsome" She gave me a peck on my lips. Suddenly Autumn cried and I quickly look what happen between this kids

"What did you do Archer?"

"He.. he puladojakdhwid hair.." Autumn said weirdly when she cried

"He what?"

"It's because she won't listen to me" Archer said pissed

"What did you do Archer?" Angel asked

"He pulled my hair!" Autumn bursted

"Archer" I looked at him and he pouted

"Come with mommy Archer , mommy wants to talk" Angel gestured Archer to followed her , they went to our room. I sit beside Autumn and she looked at me with tears all over her eyes. I wiped it and kissed her forehead

"Stop fighting with your brother will you Autumn? Did daddy teach you to fight with him?" She pouted

"Autumn North! Answer me when I ask you" I said in a fierce tone

"I hate him!" She answered and crossed her arms in front of her chest. So cute!

"Who is going to play with you if you don't have him? He always plays with you remember? He's the one who bought your favorite doll last year" I said and her face softens


"Autumn.. don't be like that" I said and she turned to me , I raised my eyebrows

Angel and Archer walked back to the kitchen and I saw Archer when to Autumn. He poked her and being cute little Autumn she is. She ignores him

"Autumn I'm sorry" He said and slowly Autumn turn to him

"I'm sorry"

"Okay" She smiled brightly , I smiled looking at this. I turned to Angel and I saw she chuckled silently.

"Hug him Autumn" Autumn went down from her chair and hugged him.

"Now dad can we go swimming?" Archer asked me and I turned to Angel. She nodded

"I guess we can!" I said and he jumped excitedly

"You want to swim to princess?" Angel asked Autumn

"Yesyesyes!" She squealed in happiness , I laughed. They ran to their rooms and I walked to Angel.

"Thankyou for giving birth to them love" I kissed her cheek

"They're so adorable!" Angel said and I chuckled

"They are and what powerful words do you say to Archer?" I asked

"It's a secret sexy" She whispered

"I love you so much"

"Love you too" Crashing my lips to her and we're happy endings

Alexander North
Angelia North
Archer North
Autumn North

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