Chapter 29 - Forever

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Angelia Selosvone

Hand in hand with Alex is the best thing that ever happen to my life. I never thought I will love someone after my previous tragic love. I just can't stop smiling in this situation , I'm just very happy.

"Today's weather is so nice" He said as we walked on the side road enjoying the cold breeze

"You're right"

"Have you eat?" He asked and I turned to him

"With Kayla.. you?"

"Yeah alone" I chuckled

"Are you excited for my movie premiere?" I asked and he shook his head


"You know why Angel.. don't be so innocent" He hissed and I laughed

"I'm Angel , I am innocent. So tell me why don't you like it?" I asked

"Don't make me kill the main lead"

"Alex you're so mean"

"What? You're making out with him and even.. argh.."

"Even what?" I asked smiling cheeky

"Bed scene" He sighed and I chuckled

"That's not even real babe" I said and he turned to me glaring

"But still skin and skin meets and mouth and mouth"  I bursted laughing

"I like it when you're jealous it makes me want to shoot this scene more in the future" I got a deadly glare

"I'll check your script next time Angel , I'll be your manager if I have to" My eyes widen and he kissed my cheek

"You're such a sweet guy" I smacked his arm lightly , we continue to walk and just enjoying being ordinary even there's paparazzi everywhere

We entered the cinema and picked a movie. Buying some popcorns and walked into the studio. There's a few people.. more like couples

"I'm so excited" I said and he turned to me smiling

"We've both been so busy and even can't enjoy everything simple" He said and I nodded

"Let's do this often.. can we?" I asked and he nodded. We both turn silent when suddenly the studio getting dark. I'm excited

Suddenly there's.. my eyes widen

When I first met you.. You catch my eyes

Your blue gray eyes color makes me drown everytime I see you..

Your smile always brightens up everything..

Everysingle second that we went through is really precious..

I know our relationship isn't perfect..

You like Peanut Butter and Jelly when I don't..

I like spicy food when you dont..

You always love to get up and make breakfast for me even I hate you getting up first and leave me sleeping alone..

I hate it when you kiss someone else even it's just for movie..

But I see you happy so I'll let you even I want to kill everysingle person who dare to taste mine..

Angel Selosvone..

I love you and I'm sorry if I come to you late..

I'm new to this and you just make everything in life more colorful..

Let's build the future together..

Marry me , Angelia Selosvone?

I turned to Alexander completely speechless , he's already kneeling in front of me. Taking out a red velvet box from his inner suit

Revealing a really beautiful diamond ring , I looked at him and he smiled

"So little Angel.. will you spend the rest of your lifes with me? Have kids.. since you love the Samuel twins so much? Change your last name in mine?" He asked and I squealed

"Yes yes yes!" I said happily and hugged him. He kissed the side of my head and I hugged him tightly. I gave him a really deep kiss

After that he slides the ring to my ring finger , I'm officially engage to Alexander North

"I love you" He said and I looked up to him can't stop smiling

"I love you too" I hugged him again

"I'll be your bear from now on"

"Of course" I squealed in happiness

"Gosh Alex , I love you so so so so much.. I can't describe how much my love to you" I said and he kissed my forehead

"I love you too little Angel.. or should I say soon to be Mrs. North?" He smirked and I gave him a kiss again

"Let's get married soon"

"Next month?" Alex asked

"The sooner the better babe" I kissed his cheek and suddenly he reached his side pocket. Revealing a small light blue box , I looked at him weirdly

"What is it?"

"Why don't you open it little Angel?" He said and I opened the box. My eyes widen and I smiled widely , I looked at Alex and attack him with kisses again

"You like it?"

"I love it.. this is so beautiful"

"I design that and A is not for Angel"

"It's Alexander" I said and he smiled

"Let me put this on you" He took the necklace and put it around my neck. He gave me a peck on the lips

"It's beautiful" It's an A intials with a detailing carve on it , it's just elegant and beautiful

"Glad you like it" He said

"Let's just go home" I took his hand and dragged him out from the studio.

"So you don't want to continue the date?"

"Do you want to continue the date or you want to have me all night?" I asked and smirk plastered on his face

"That's a really good option sweetheart" I just chuckled

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