Chapter 16 - Being Happy

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Angelia Selosvone

I jumped happily as I we arrived at the Central Park , I miss this refreshing time. I turned to see Alexander just shaking his head and carrying the bag full of food.

I walked to him and cling my hand to his arm.

"This is going to be fun" I squealed and he chuckled

"You're acting like a 4 years old girl" He said and I glared to him. We walked and try to find a nice place to settle down.

I saw people looking at us and some of them even taking out their phones and taking pictures. I think we both used to this attention since I'm an actress and he's a businessman.

"Nervous?" He asked and he kissed my cheek

"Why would I babe?" I smiled to him. I found a good spot and I pulled Alex with me. I layed down the big picnic blanket on the grass and just sit , I gestured Alex to sit beside me.

Since this is a public place , we have to act right? I sit close to him and just often looking at him with eyes full of love.

"Nice isn't it?" I asked him and he turned to me


"Why do you never have this kinda time?" I asked unknowingly and taking out the juice that I make. Giving one bottle to him and one for myself

"I don't have time" He answered and that make me shook my head

"Unbelievable" I said and he turned to me

"I don't have the best family since I was a kid Angel" He stated and I felt sorry for him. I turned to him and looked at his expression

"My parents divorced when I was 4 , I grew up with my dad and he never cared about me. I grew up alone and lonely most at the time" I leaned my head to his shoulder

"That's why you afraid having a family" I said

"For me that thing doesn't exist , Love is only temporary and it won't last long. I don't even know until when Aaron and Sky will last" Alex said and I looked up to him

"You don't know how powerfull Love can be Alex.. It can make people change , do you even see how Aaron and Sky looked at their wives? They love them and I bet they will last forever" I said and he shook his head

"For me that won't happen"

"There's a saying 'You will realise you love someone when that person gone' , I think that's quite right" He chuckled hearing me saying that

"Angel there's no such thing as that" He even laughed

"I had a boyfriend in highschool , his name is Jaden. Jaden was very sweet , caring and loving. We dated for 2 years at that time. When our 2nd anniversary , he proposed me. He said he love me and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He promise me he will support me in everysingle of my carrier" I sighed

"He.. he.. I reject him , I told him I wasn't ready and he said he will wait for me. He's really sweet and everything I want in a guy he has it until one day he died because an accident" I choked

"He died a month after he proposed me" I felt Alex is holding my hand

"I'm sorry"

"That's when I realise I loved him and regret not taking his proposal" I looked at him and he kissed the back of my hand

"Looking at the person that you love died in front of you wasn't the best experience" I stated

"I don't believe in Love , for me Love won't come to me and don't even exist" I leaned my face to kissed him. I kissed him slowly and looked into his eyes

"I think I should date guys now , I'm getting old and when will I get married?" I stated trying to lift up the mood , I saw his face hardens

"Yes I think you should" Alex said and I chuckled

"Nathan is a good man , maybe I should reconsider him" I looked at the trees and the view around us

"Maybe you should" That's not the answer I'm looking for

"So how many dates I have left?" I turned to him

"3 more" He gave me a peck on the lips

"Where should I take you?"

"Before I forget , in 2 weeks there's a party for Aaron's company. You have to come" He said looking into my eyes and I nodded

"I'll see you in 2 weeks then"

"I will prepare a bodyguards for you to keep you on place , I told you I will keep you safe" I nodded and suddenly silent surrounding us

"When will this end?" I asked not dare looking at him

"Soon , I hope next month everything can be done" I nodded and not wanting to say anything.

I don't know what got me but I don't like to think that I will seperate from him soon. I like being near him like now it's like he's so comforting and everything is just right but somehow this won't work.

We both have a different mindset , we can't be together Angel. Stop thinking that you're hoping him to turn and look at you. Love doesn't even exist for him and why hoping? Hoping too much will get you hurt in the end and it sucks.

"What are you thinking?"

"Nothing much" I answered

"Can you not race again?" He suddenly asked and that make me turn to him.

"What? Why?"

"It's dangerous , you drive in a really high speed Angel. Something can happen to you" I laughed

"I've been racing for years Alex , don't worry"

"I just don't like it , even I love to see you looking sexy" That got me laughing , I kissed his cheek

"You don't need to worry about that Devil , Angel always has her way to go through everything" With that I kissed him hard

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