Chapter 5 - Devil and Angel

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Angelia Selosvone

I think my heart is going to fall out , since morning I can't think well I keep thinking about Alex and I know this situation is not good.

I know I'm in a really big trouble

Now I'm facing the mirror completely like a idiot , I don't know what to do , what to wear , what should I apply now. I already apply the make up base and I decided to go with simple eye make up and red lips. Curling my brown hair to big loose curls.

I looked at my closet and scan at every white dresses that I have , I keep changing the dress until I decided to wear a long white dress with a low V cut in my chest. The sleeve stop at my elbow and the leight is below my knee a little.

I walked to my closet and taking my small gold clutch , putting my  Rose Gold iPhone7 inside , a couple of money and lipstick

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I walked to my closet and taking my small gold clutch , putting my  Rose Gold iPhone7 inside , a couple of money and lipstick. Taking my gold lace up highheels. I looked at my big mirror for the whole look

So innocent.. totally an Angel

Applying a nice refreshing perfume and I think I'm ready to go. The clock is showing 6.25 , The painting exhibition place is quite near so I don't have to worry about it.

I walked downstairs and find my parents sitting watching TV.

"Hey mom and dad , I'm going to a painting exhibition" I walked to them and plopped beside them for awhile

"You look so beautiful Angel" My mom smiled and dad gave me a thumbs up

"Be careful" My dad said as I stood up and walked to the door.

"Will do and bye" I said and walked out. The driver already waiting for me , getting inside and we go to the venue.

My phone rings and it shows Kayla on the screen. I picked up quickly

"Hey" I answered

"Are you already on your way?" She asked

"Yeah , I'm almost there"

"Good cause the devil has arrive" She announced and my heart just skip a beat. I gulped nervously

"Good" I said and with that we end the call. I looked at the venue that full of people. We queue to enter and until now it's my turn to go out.

"Angelia Selosvone" Someone announced until all eyes on me. Camera are flashing as my depature was announced. I smiled to the camera and slowly walked up to the stairs.

Getting inside and now my heartbeart are getting more crazy. I scanned the room and decided to walked to the right first and see the painting. I make my way to the first painting that I saw , it's a beautiful scenery of a small island.

Edward Lott is a good artist

I turned away from the painting and walked to the next one when my eyes landed on the man with a dark red suit. He's looking so handsome today as he style his hair like a gentleman.

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