Chapter 27 - Kissing Scene

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Angelia Selosvone

My cheek bone is hurting , I can't stop smiling. The fact that Alex is here with me being a bear again is like a dream come true. I can't be more happy than this..

"Stop smiling and just kiss me" He said and my eyes widen

"You're awake?"

"I'm sleeping" I chuckled and kissed him. The kiss is slow and just so sweet. I hugged him so tightly afraid that he will go away or dissapeared

"I have to shoot today" I stated and he groaned

"Why do I date an actress?" He complained and I smacked his chest

"Why do I date a businessman?" I said and he opened his eyes glaring at me. I get up from my bed and he suddenly sneak his arms to my waist preventing me to go.

"No.. can you tell them that you're sick or something?"

"Alex.. it's just 2 shots today , you can have me after 12 in the afternoon" I said as I tried to pulled away his arms

"I'm not seeing that kissing scene" He said coldly and I laughed

"You have to see it! It's fun" With that he flip me over , he's on top of me

"Fun? You said it's fun? Said that again I won't let you out from that door little Angel" He said angrily and I smiled

"You should be the actor then" I said

"Great idea" He smirked

"Come on.. you have to come to the set so you can punch Mark after kissing me" I said and he closed his eyes

"Can you be an actress without kissing scene?" He asked

"I like it when you're jealous" I gave him a peck on the lips

"Of course.. it's interesting for you to watch but not me" He said sweetly at first and cold at the end. I laughed

"I love you Mr. North , you're sexy when you're jealous" I kissed him again , I will never get tired of him.

After a few bicker and making out , he let me go to the bathroom. I take a shower really quick and get ready quickly. My phone rings and it's Luisa

"Come to the set fast!" She said , I told her to meet at the set for today's shoot because Alex said he want to take me there.

"Be there in 10" I said and thank God Alex taking my other bathroom outside my bedroom. He changed into his casual clothes and we get inside his car.

"What do you want to do after my shoot ends?" I asked Alex

"You can pick"

"I want to cuddle you to dead" I squealed

"Then let's cuddle to dead" He chuckled and I can't believe that this is reality. I'm so happy

"I'm so happy" I stated and he turned to me quickly

"Me too"

"I still can believe you're here" I looked at him and can't stop looking at him

"You have me now" Pinch me now! He's so cute

"Take a look at the back seat , will you?" He said and I turned my head to see a fresh red flowers. I took the bouquet of red roses to my lap and I smiled to him.

"This is so beautiful"

"You like it?" He asked

"I love it!" I squealed happily

"Alex" I called


"I want to race again" He glared at me but suddenly he smiled

"You'll let me?"

"I'll buy you a toy car.. we can race together" He said and I glared at him

"Don't even think about that Angel , I don't want to lose you.. hearing the news about your dead already makes my heart froze" I smiled hearing he said that

"Who's with you when you heard that?" I asked

"Why do you want to know?"

"Just asking" I shrugged

"I'm not going to tell you because I know what you're going to do" He said and I pouted

"You're no fun"

"Of course love" Hearing the word 'Love' makes me smile like an idiot

We arrived at the set , we got off from the car. I heard a few crew gasped seeing Alex at the set. I hold his hand and we walked in. I smiled happily and Alex just gave them a polite smile

"Joe" I hugged him

"Hello Angel"

"Joe this is my boyfriend Alex" I introduced him to Joe

"Nice to meet you sir"

"Call me Joe , bud" Joe patted Alex's shoulder. Joe is a 68 years old man but his work is always incredible.

"Joe please don't let Angel take a kissing scene" Alex said straight foward and I looked at him disbelief

"I'll take that note" Joe laughed

"Let's get shoot so you both can have a nice date" Joe smiled to me and Alex smirked

"Thankyou!" I smiled cheerly

"Don't tell me this is the kissing scene" Alex sighed

"I'm afraid yes bud.. close your eyes for awhile will you?" Joe said and Alex groaned , I laughed

"Don't even use tongue" Alex warned me and I winked at him

"Angel I mean it!" He said seriously

"Yes love" I chuckled and gave him a peck on his lips. He sat on my chair and looked at me intensely. I'm ready and I'm currently standing side by side with Mark.

Alex already glared at Mark and I can't help but chuckled frequently to see his cute expression.

"Action!" Joe said

The scene is when we're walking to the garden , Mark started to confess his feelings for me. He told about the truth behind everything in that movie and he kissed me. It was a short kiss.. only 8 seconds I think..

"Cut! Done" Joe said , I quickly ran to Alex. He already have a really awful expression. I hugged him tightly

"Did you close your eyes?" I asked

"No , I'm looking at him if he tries to slip any tongue to that!" He said glaring to Mark and I cupped his face. I kissed him hard so he won't be sad

"I gave you a real kiss.. you like that badboy?" I smiled and he smirked

"I love you so much Alexander North" I whispered

"I love you too little Angel"

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