Chapter 17 - I'll Miss You

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Alexander North

2 weeks later..

Everything starts to fall in place , Jonathan hasn't show his activity much lately and I hate to say that I hate his guts. I looked my room ceiling and just feeling empty.

I've been feeling quite empty these days.. lonely and just empty.. maybe I've use to have Angel around makes me start to feel weird when she's not around.

I looked at my right and the bed is just empty , I sighed and hate the feeling of loneliness start hitting me. I straighten up my body and lean my back to the wall.

Suddenly someone knocked my door , I looked at my door weirdly because not even my maid dare to knock it. I walked to the door and opened it.

My eyes widen , I can't even believe this.

Angel standing in front of me with a cake in her hand , smiling widely at me. The candle on the cake already light up and she sings happybirthday.

"Happy Birthday Alex , Happy Birthday Alex.. Happy Birthday Happy Birthdayyyyyy.. Happy Birthday Alex" She smiled widely and I can't help plastered one

"Happy 29th Birthday Alex , I hope this hear will be a really good year for you and everything will start to fall down in place" She said it cheerly

"How do you know?"

"I just know" She smirked , "Come on blow the candles! Oh oh but first make a wish" She squealed. I closed my eyes and make a wish , I really don't know what I wish so I just wish that everything will settle in place. I blow up the candles and she smiled happily.

I don't even know how long is the last time I celebrate my birthday. I never even care about my birthday but today somehow special. She pulled me out and we walked downstairs. My eyes even wide more when I saw all of my friends already sit on the dining table downstairs.

"Happybirthday dude!" Aaron said

"Happybirthday Ander" Luke said and I chuckled

Everyone started to giving me a hug and wishes , I never feel so happy before. A few minutes ago I was thinking how lonely I am and just feeling empty but I realise having them in my life is always enough.

"Let's cut the cake" Angel squealed

"Good idea" Sophia smiled

"Angel planned all this" Rose said beside me as I saw Angel and Sophia talking and looking for a knife


"I don't know if you're stupid or not" Rose stated and I glared at her

"She went on a date last week with a guy name Nathan , I saw her and she greeted me" That make my heart boil a little bit but I'm trying to keep it cool

"Nathan seems to like her" Rose added

"I don't care , I even tell her to do that" I said and I heard Rose chuckled

"Don't care , do you even see your face now?" With that she left , I sighed

"Got it!" Sophia said and Angel went to her , they're busy cutting the cake. They starting to put the cake on the plates and gave everyone. I saw Angel walked to me and gave me one

"Happy birthday big boy.." She said and she kissed my cheek , warmness started to creep my body. I miss it

"I'm so posting this on my blog" I heard Janet start clicking on her camera

"If you dare" I glared at her and she just sticked her tongue out

"Do whatever you want babe" Sky said and kissed her cheek

"I'll kill you" I turned to Sky and he just laughed

"Wanna go party tonight?" Max asked and that when I looked at Angel , I don't know why do I look at her.

"Go.. have fun" Angel said

"Do you have plans tonight?"

"I have a date with Nathan , uhmm-"

"On my birthday?" That make me boil more from earlier

"I- I'm sorry it's- it's just I alre-"

"Whatever , you can go" I cut her even I choked saying that

"If you want me not to go , I won't" Suddenly she said and I turned to her

"You can go.. don't forget tomorrow is the day where Aaron's company party"

"Okay" She looked at me with a little hint of hurt on her face

"Let's party tonight" I stated and the boys raise their thumbs up. Not long after that everyone when home except Angel. She helped Doris to tidy up everything and when she's done. She sit beside me on the sofa watching TV.

"Alex" She called me and I turned to her raising my eyebrows. She took out a small box from her bag and gave it to me.

"I know it's not that expensive but I kinda design it for you. I don't know if you'll like or not" She said nervously and I opened the box.

It's a necklace with A intial , it was in black color and it's firm letter. She took out the necklace and put it on me. I looked at her as she seriously putting it on me.

"Thankyou , I like it" I said and I really am. This is the first time I receive a gift like this. I looked at the necklace and hold it tightly

"Glad you like it" She smiled

"I had 2 dates with Nathan , I don't like it" She suddenly stated and I looked at her weirdly

"Why do you keep on having it?" I asked

"I don't know"

"You still have 3 dates with me you know" I don't know why I said that but her face light up

"I want to use it for later maybe" She looked at me

"Why are you acting like this all weird.. i'm not use to have you acting weird like this" I chuckled and she just gave me a light smile

"Maybe I'm nervous , I have a race tonight" She chuckled

"I don't like you racing Angel"

"I'm going back to Los Angeles in 3 days" She stated and my eyes widen


"Yeah I have photoshoot and movie coming up" She nodded

"That must be quite excited" I said and she chuckled

"I won't come to New York for full 2 months"

"Are you sad?"

"Yes and a no" She stated

"You'll be fine , it's just your regular activity.. I'll call you when I need you" I said and she nodded

"I think I'll miss you" That make my breath got hitch

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