Chapter 12 - Little Angel

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Angelia Selosvone

Wiping my sweat from my forehead and throw myseld to the sofa. I just run around 7K and I'm tired. It's been a long time since I get to exercise.

Checking my phone and saw 12 missed calls from Devil , I chuckled and decided to call him back.

"Where have you been?" He bursted as he picked up

"I'm fine thankyou" I said sarcasticly

"Where were you?"

"I'm exercising Alex , what is it?"

It's been around 1 week after I took him to see me racing , we just message each other sometimes but we never meet outside.

"My friend's wedding tonight at 6.30 , I'll pick you up at 6" He said and I looked at the clock that attached to the wall. It's 3.20 now , I can take a shower now and get ready.

"Where is the wedding?"

"Hastington's ballroom" He stated


"An-" I ended the call without knowing that he will say something , I chuckled and not bothering to call him back. I let my sweat dry for a little bit and went to the bathroom to shower

Walking out from the shower only with a towel on , I dried my hair and start wearing makeup. I curled my hair into a big loose curls , I'm taking out my soft pink dress. It's sleeveless and it's basicly a short dress but it add another layer of long fabric again.

I looked at the mirror to see myself wearing that dress and it fit perfectly

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I looked at the mirror to see myself wearing that dress and it fit perfectly. I smiled and taking my pink heels that has 2 colors in it. Wearing it and taking my perfume , put it on my body. Taking my small pink belt and put it on my waist.

I looked at the mirror once again to check everything , I've decided to take my white clutch. Putting all my things there and looked at the clock 5.57 what a nice timing.

Suddenly my phone rings , it's Devil

"Yes Alex?" I asked as I picked up

"Are you done?" He asked

"I'm going out now" I said and walked out from my room

"Okay" He ended the call and I walked downstairs. I saw my mom is watching TV while peeling onions.

"Mom I'm going to Alex's friend's wedding" I said honestly

"Oh? Okay" She looked at me

"Do I look nice?" I asked and she scanned me from head to toe , she smiled and gave me a thumbs up. I kissed her cheek and walked out from the door.

I saw Alex's car in front of my house , walking more faster and get inside.

"Hello little Angel" He greeted and I turned to him

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