Chapter 28 - Ordinary

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Angelia Selosvone

I anxiously wait for it.. I kept on looking and looking to the oven to see if my Mac and Cheese turn out nicely. Suddenly I footsteps coming from the living room. I smiled and walked there

"Goodmorning badboy , how's your sleep?" I asked

"Can you stop dissapearing in the morning?" He bursted annoy and I kissed his cheek

"I just wanting to make a breakfast for you"

"I don't care about breakfast , just stay with me until I wake up" He hissed and taking the milk on the fridge. Did I tell you that Alex love to drink milk? He has a tons of milk on his fridge

"You have work today?"

"Yeah for awhile , we can go out after that" He said and back hugging me , kissed the back of my neck

"I'm meeting with Kayla at 10 , maybe I'll go to your office after that" I said as I turned my body to hug him

"Okay.. you can do that" He said

"I have a shoot in Miami next week" I said and he sighed , I chuckled

"I know this is selfish but.. I don't like seeing you be an actress. Kissing and making out with someone else beside me" He groaned and I chuckled

"Do you love me?" I asked and looked into his eyes


"You have to trust me.. I love you to death so don't worry about things like that" I smiled and he sighed

"I don't like it still"

"How about this.. I wanted to open my own clothing line , I've been wanting to do that since 3 years ago. I'll stop acting next year" I smirked and he smiled widely , that makes me more happy

"Okayokay fine!"

"Oh about your money.. I'll send it back to you tomorrow" I said as I walked to the oven taking ot the mac and cheese

"Don't" I turned to him , raising my eyebrows

"What? Why?"

"Just use it.. for you clothing thingy and whatever"

"It's your anyway , I'll give it back to you to I can beg you for that money with kisses" I smirked

"Good idea"

"Come here" I walked to the dining table and sit there

"Looks delicious though" He said

"You need to try it babe" I gave him the fork and ask him to eat it from the bowl. He take a bit and blow for awhile because it's hot

"Gosh.. this is good" He said and something caught my eyes. I smiled and reach his neck

"You still wear it?"

"Do you think I'll throw it away?" He asked and I smiled

"Do you know why I choose A only?"


"It's for Angel dummy.. The necklace reach your heart , A is for my name not yours" I rolled my eyes and he laughed

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