Chapter 30 - Interview

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Angelia Selosvone

"Good afternoon America.. this is Joan and we're back in the Jojo talk" Joan the MC greeted the viewers

"Today we have our Hollywood Princess who just got married , let's meet her. Angelia Selosvone!" She announced and I waved to the camera

"Hello hello"

"How are you Angel?" Joan asked

"I'm fantastic" I chuckled

"So I love your recent movie.. The Crown" She said and I smiled

"Thankyou so much"

"Loving your character there.. romantic comedy movie that suits you"

"Thankyou thankyou , I love my character there too"

"How's acting with Mark?" She asked

"Mark is a really awesome guy.. we get along well"

"The hottest topic in America is that at last one of the Gold Lifes Billionare settle down again , so how's your feeling to get married to Alexander North?" She asked as the crew upload the picture of us on the screen

"We're ordinary people , he's just a hard workingman. Married to him is so great , he's a really sweet" I said and smiled thinking about Alex

"You're an actress , how does your husband react to your steamy scene with Mark?" That got me laugh

"He hates it of course , being a supporting husband he is. He will always support me and let me do things that I love even he hates it but he knows I'm his anyway"

"That's so sweet , you're now become the Gold Lifes family. We saw you going out with Sophia Samuel and Janet Locason often"

"We're close and they're just like a sister that I never had. Beside our husbands are bestfriends so we kinda bond" I gestured

"Any plans to have little Norths?"

"Of course but we're just going to enjoy our alone time for awhile before having little Norths around" I chuckled

"How about any project movies?"

"Of course I have but this time is action.. oops spoil" I smirked

"Thankyou so much Angel , we can't wait to see your movie in the future" She said

"Thankyou for inviting me here.. it's been awhile" I smiled

"Angelia Selosvone everyone!" They clapped and I smiled

I just love my life..

The end

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