Chapter 18 - Confession

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Angelia Selosvone

I'm currently pacing around my room and Kayla is here with me to decide what dress should I wear.

"Stop pacing like an idiot!" She bursted and my eyes widen

"I'm thinking"

"Thinking of what?" She looked at me weirdly and I sighed

"I'm going back to LA"

"So? That's great?"

"I- I-"

"Going to miss Alex? Is that what you're thinking?" Kayla smirked and I rolled my eyes


"So what? What are you worrying about?"


"You're going to make a movie with Mark Weler , isn't that great? You're going to make out with a hot guy" Kayla squealed happily

"I don't know , I just don't know why I'm sad suddenly"

"Just admit it already you like the guy" She said in a teasing tone

"You even got him a designed necklace" She added and I sighed

"I hate you" I said and she laughed

"Go take a shower , so I can braid your hair fast!" She said and I nodded. Making my way to the bathroom and quickly take a shower. I think a lot when I was in the shower , I don't know what I'm feeling right now but it's just..

"Angel! Alex call you!" I quickly walked out from the bathroom with my towel on. She gave me my phone and I quickly put it in speaker

"Angel" He said in his deep tone

"Yeah what?"

"We're not going to Aaron's party" He stated

"Oh? Okay" I said

"Let's have a dinner instead , how's that?" He asked and I looked at Kayla who is beside me eaves dropping

"Okay , can you tell me where?"

"Just wear casual clothes" He said


"See you in 30 minutes" He said and I nodded even he can't see that. With that he ended the call , I looked at Kayla who is smiling widely

"Kyaaaaa" She squealed and I chuckled

"Let's get you dress" She said

I'm wearing a white jeans with a cream top that shows my belly button a bit. Kayla straighten up my hair , I just wear cream flat shoes and ready to go.

Alex message me that he's already outside , Kayla wished me a goodluck and I walked downstairs. Kissed my parents and bid my goodbyes to them. I walked out and get into his car

"Hey" I smiled

"Hey little Angel" He greeted back and I saw him wearing a white tee and a light brown jeans.

"So where are we going? Is it okay not attending Aaron's party?" I asked as I put on my seatbelts

"It's fine" He said but something weird about him

"Are you okay?" I asked

"I'm fine"

"So what's with your expression?"

"The case is done , I gave what Jonathan want" I gulped nervously and I nodded

"So today will be our last day?" I asked but he just stay silent

"What about 3 dates that I haven't use?"

"That's why I'm using it now" He stated and I just nodded. Suddenly the mood turn silent again but this silence mode is not good.

"I'm going back to LA in 2 days" I break the silence

"That's great , you have new movie coming up?" He asked in an uninterested tone

"Yeah" Silence again..

We got into the restaurant and it's near Central Park. It's facing the Central Park and he booked the 2nd floor of the restaurant. We walked in and just sit across each other. We ordered the food and again silence

"Thankyou" I heard Alex saying that and I looked up to him


"Everything.. I guess" He looked at me and I nodded

"You quite give me a various experience.. picnic.. birthday.. relationship.. care.. and just things like that" He said awkwardly and I just nodded

"You're really an Angel.. your name suits you" He let out a light laugh

"You deserve to experience that.. you just not opening yourself to others , you're comfortable with all you have but not wanting to go out from your comfort zone" I said and he looked up to me

"I've been hurt a lot in my life" He stated

*the story will be on the last book , every past stories of them will be on that book*

"That's why you afraid?" I asked and he looked away

"How about let's try out?" I asked bodly and he turned to me raising his eyebrows

"Try out what?"

"Date.. a real one"

"No" He said it firmly


"I can't make you happy"

"What makes you say that?" I looked at him not understanding

"I don't believe in Love , Angel.. you know that!" He bursted suddenly

"I don't ask you to love me"

"But I k-"

"I like you Alex.. I like you a lot that's why me and Nathan won't work. My body was with him but my mind wasn't" That make him glared at me and looked away

"I don't date girls , I bed them I use them" He said

"Use me then" I said boldly but no answer from him

"Use me bed me I don't care! What's wrong with liking you?" I asked and bursted

"Today will be the last day we meet and I hope you have great life Angel.." He stand up

"Thankyou for everything" With that he left , he walked out from the door. My eyes are starting to water , I gulped and lean my back to the chair.

"How can he do that to me?" I sighed and tears dlowing out from my eyes. I walked to the window and looked at his car went away.

"I like you Alexander.. I like you a lot" I mumbled to myself. I decided to call Justin..

"Hey pretty Angel , how can I help you?"

"Book my a race for tomorrow night.. 2 races" I stated

"Anything for you Angel" He said

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