Chapter 4 - Nervous

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Angelia Selosvone

"You freaking met Alexander North?" Kayla asked that for the tenth times

"Yes Kayla" I answered

"Oh my gosh you're so lucky" She squealed

"Yeah" I said weakly

I wasn't a fan of them actually. The whole America knows who they are , what they do and everything that involves them. 2 out of the 7 has settle down and that's what I know.

I didn't expect that the man who gave me the chills was Alexander North. Out of most people why must be one of that group? But I can't help it. I still remember his face , his eyes and his deep voice.

I even get chills by imagining it.

"What are you going to do know?"

"I don't know"

"Hey! You're The Hollywood Princess , you can do anything" She bursted and I turned to him

"What should I do?" Now I sound desperate

"Seduce him or whatever"

"That's not me" I shook my head and suddenly her eyes widen , she smacked my arm

"What?" I rubbed my arm

"There's a painting exhibition tomorrow , it's Edward Lott so I bet they will come. You can come" She smiled like she got a lottery

"I wasn't invite and why would I go there like an idiot?"

"There isn't a invitation smart head" She said and I turned to her rolling my eyes

"How do you know Kayla?"

"They used my dad's building and I was one of the people that take care of that event , everyone is free to come and besides the 7 Gold Lifes will come"

"Why do they come? It's a painting exhibition" I looked at her disbelief

"They even come to a various panting exhibition before , they went to London to attend Clark , Sergio and Denrit's painting exhibition. Edward Lott is more famous and I bet they will come" She smiled widely

"You're a genius sometimes" I joked and she winked at me

"Do you have a dress?"

"Of course I have"

"Wear white" She suggested

"Why white?"

"White will make you shine more and you're elegant woman. Don't even forget that your name is Angel" She stated and I chuckled

"You will be there right?" I asked

"Of course" She smiled and after that I arrived at my house. I walked in and quickly walked upstairs. Throwing myself to the bed and can't help but imagining Alexander's face again and again.

It always give me chills.. I keep rewinding the scene earlier and can't get enough of him. I obviously have a crush on this guy.

I take my phone and looked for his profile. The first news that related to him was that he was found coming out from hotel with Adrianna. The burning feeling inside of me wants to smash this Adrianna into pieces.

I scrolled to the news and find he was changing girls everyday. He never go with the same girl. He's a bad news.

I know he's trouble

The more I scroll down , the more I get mad so I think it's better just to ignore that fact. He's just a greek god , I can't stop admiring the beauty.

I walked to my closet and looked for a white dress. I need to stand out more , don't forget the make up and hair. I need to look perfect tomorrow.

Long sleeve?
Hair into pony tail?
Let loose?
Sexy make up?
Natural make up?

I'm serious being so weird right now , why am I worrying about so many things? Why?

Suddenly phone rings , I looked at the caller ID and it's Kayla again

"Yes Kayla"

"The exhibition starts at 6.30 and you can come 6.30ish"

"At your dad's building right?" I asked again to make sure

"Yes Angel" She chuckled when I'm nervous

"Chill , everyone literally loves you and you don't have to worry about anything" She said and I smiled. It gives a me a little courage

"I'm still nervous"

"Oh my gosh , this is the first time I heard Angelia Selosvone nervous" She squealed like an idiot

"I'm a human" I rolled my eyes

"You are?" She said sarcasticly and I chuckled

"Don't over did yourself tomorrow okay? Just be you" She reminded

"Yes mother"

"Goodluck daughter" I laughed and she ended up the call.

Tomorrow will be something.. I know it

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