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The shy girl and the devil by listening_to_BTS
The shy girl and the devilby BTS
I gulped as devil approached me.i took a step back.he just gave me wicked grin.i walked backwards until I was pressed against the alley eyes widened in fear.he p...
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BLS #3 : Dealing With Trouble by beyondlocks
BLS #3 : Dealing With Troubleby Janice Martana
BLS #3 Alexander North A Billionare that loves changing girls like changing clothes , girls are begging for his love but no one ever gets it. There is no LOVE in his dic...
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Trust Issues by crayolaaabitch
Trust Issuesby crayolaaabitch
Innocent children beware of certain...scenes
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Bad Boy Daddy by TashaW
Bad Boy Daddyby Natasha
Ex drug dealer Aiden was left holding the baby three years ago, now he has to deal with angry druggies, an angrier boss and a determind baby mama wanting her baby back.
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ALESSANDRO: Book 3 of The De Luca Brothers Series by Butterfly_gal_88
ALESSANDRO: Book 3 of The De Butterfly_gal_88
BOOK 3 OF THE DE LUCA BROTHERS SERIES -•- Isabella Garcia is a mysterious, flamboyant, insane girl who deals on the streets at night whilst supporting her Aunt's strip c...
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Dating Hollywood's Bad Boy by laurenejohnson
Dating Hollywood's Bad Boyby Lauren Elizabeth
When Jack Stone accepts a "challenge" from Kaylyn Bradford to make her fall in love with him, Kaylyn hates Jack even more. She is the one person who doesn't ad...
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Past love💕 by TaliahH5
Past love💕by Taliah H.
This story is not based off of a persons real life. This is my first wattpad story and i hope you enjoy.☺️
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Bloodless Day by NovemberRider
Bloodless Dayby Alyx Barter
No one knew what to do with the colt. He was unpredictable. Dangerous. A coursing speed rippled through him, but something menacing came with. He was a wounded sailer in...
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 AFRA  by Smiling_Bay
AFRA by Smiling_Bay
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Vindictive  by sincerelynye
Vindictive by ☀️
Nina is a 17 year old goes through the most. From living with her grandma to moving with her brother. War begins when an old friend decides to take things to another lev...
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The Good Girls Neighbor by bad-bad-kitty
The Good Girls Neighborby Kitten
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Drop Dead Gorgeous by ValkyrieJade19
Drop Dead Gorgeousby Bella Pleasant
Valkyrie Cain has been shunted back to the 1600's by time traveller, Herman Grave while on a mission to track down missing mortals. She attends Reinstone Academy for You...
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Dealing with Death  ... Itself. by Jazzybean
Dealing with Death ... Gabby
Annabelle thought she was normal. But she's anything but normal. All her life she has been making things happen when she feels a strong emotion. Its slowly creeping up t...
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Reaper. by speaklittlerebel
#14 Taylor
Waking up after a night out in a stranger's bed and not really remembering what happened the night before can be a little scary. Waking up to find out that that stranger...
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Love, Drugs and Cancer by emukid96
Love, Drugs and Cancerby Hailey LaDonna
Samantha Carter is a 16 year old girl who has developed cancer. The cancer was caught late and Sam has a 60% chance of dying. It seems that all the odds are against her...
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Innocence meets insanity by music_obsessed123
Innocence meets insanityby BTS_obssessed
When I finally opened the door Devon froze and his eyes turned pitch black when he saw what I was wearing. I blushed and tried to cover myself up. I had a huge t-shirt o...
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The stud next døor by brainiacbitch
The stud next døorby b⃟r⃟a⃟i⃟n⃟i⃟a⃟c⃟
Does this really need description
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Notorious Bi*ches by Skyler_Rine
Notorious Bi*chesby Rine_Rine
Orion Blake is a bad ass chick in a mob, she did lots of jobs with her partners including assassinations and theft..always one step ahead of her rivals but in that one j...
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Book 1: Dealing with Ms Oldy by dyosangbubblezz
Book 1: Dealing with Ms Oldyby Meredith Jule Shane Magaro
Comedy, Romance, SPG
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trust me // l.h by xBrisingr
trust me // l.hby CC
in which, a girl shows up at a stranger's porch sporting a torn up right knee, bloodstained clothes and a dark past.
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