Chapter 20 - Gone

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Alexander North

My heart just crush into pieces , everything just like a movie it's like everything in slow motion. The fireman is trying to stop the fire that come from Angel's car. I saw Angel's parents are crying crazily

I can't believe this

I really can believe this , I really can believe this. I can't lose her now.. I just saw her beautiful face yesterday and now she's gone.

Suddenly I was dragged , I turned my head and find Kenneth dragging me. He stopped as we arrived at his car , He sighed and looked at me with a sad eyes

"There's something weird with the accident" Kenneth stated

"What?" I asked disbelief

"There's 3 opponent in this race , do you want to you who's her opponent is Alex?" He asked in a really serious tone and I nodded

"Jackson and Robert" My eyes widen and my heart boiled , ready to kill Nate

"Calm down" Ken put his hands on my shoulder

"Jackson's car pushed her car and Robert did the same so she basicly can't control her car when the both of them pushing her. Smart head she is , she stepped on the break so Jackson and Robert can't push her anymore but.. Robert react quick , he make a U turn and throw a knife to her wheel so she lose control of her car. This happen in a great speed Alex" Ken said and I nodded , but still the fact she died

"We have to get Nate"

"Since the accident is new , we got the CCTV footage before he can even delete it. You come on time"

"Still Ken , the fact that she's gone" I looked down and still can feel my heart broke

"This is my fault" I mumbled and can't even stop the tears coming out my eyes. I walked away to my car and get inside. Letting my heart out

"There's a saying 'You will realise you love someone when that person gone' , I think that's quite right"

I remember Angel saying that and my heart crunched , shit! I keep hitting my steering wheel.

I should have keep her close
I should have keep my eyes on her
I should have let her in to my life
I should have protect her
I should have.. I should have.. fuck it!

I heard a knocked and I turned to see Sky gesturing me to go out. I opened the door and get out from my car.

"You need to see this" Sky said and lead me to the Luke's car. There's few computers sitting on the back of his car. I walked to them

"You might want to see this" Sebastian said and I looked at the CCTV footage. Angel's car are so fast until the was trapped between 2 cars. She's trying to push them away but it was no use until she decided to push the break. Her car stopped.. she went again but suddenly I saw one car got back and throw a knife to her wheel.. she lose control until she crashed but the CCTV doesn't reach that tree where she crash.

"There's some weird footage" Luke said as he fastfoward the clip

"You see this.. it's like Jackson and Robert stopped to see Angel's car but since it was a blindspot so we don't know what they do until Angel's car blows up" Luke said as he pointed at the screen

"I think Nate already know about this blind spot so that's why he make a scenario about this" Sebastian added

"He attacked Angel when he knows you're letting her go and when you're not protecting her" Max said and I turned to him

"He might see you already care for her Alex , that's why he takes this action" Ken suddenly walked to us

"But he takes her life" Sky said annoyed

"He takes thing too far" Aaron added and I sighed

"There's a chance that Angel is actually alive" Ken suddenly stated and I looked at him seriously


"He takes that blindspot so no one ever knows if Angel is still alive or not , they make the fire can't be stop maybe to hide the fact that her body isn't in there" Ken stated

"You're right"

"There's a chance maybe Nate hide her but there's a chance that she actually dies" Sebastian said slowly

"I have to kill Nate!"

"Take it easy bud , first we have to find a footage where his man spying on you and then the footage that their car getting out from here" Ken said

"Next time don't let your guard down Alex , this is crazy" Aaron patted my shoulder

"Let's find her , I'll ask my man to find it" Sebastian said

"I need to face Nate" I need to kill that bastard right away

"Wowowowo slow down bud" Luke hold me

"Don't attack him now , let's find all the footage together first then we attack him" Max said and they all nod. Giving a patted on my shoulder. I walked to Angel's parents as I saw them crying and I can't help but cry again in this situation

There's still a chance that Angel is still alive but we don't know.. Nate is crazy so he can kill her

"Alex right? You're Angel's boyfriend right?" Her mom asked me while crying and I nodded weakly

"This is crazy , I saw her this evening before she left" Her mom continued to cry and so is her dad.

She's right..

You will realise how that person means so much to you when they're gone

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