Chapter 3 - Find Out

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Angelia Selosvone

I looked for this man everywhere , but none. He's gone just like that. I sighed and decided to stop , looking for Kayla because I'm not in the mood to stay here anymore.

"Kayla" I called her but she's busy making out some blonde boy at the corner

"N- not rig- right now" She still eating each other face with that blonde boy. I shook my head annoyed and decided to dragged her.

"Call me" She said to the guy and I dragged her to the lift

"What the hell is wrong with you?" She bursted and I turned to her

"I found a guy"

"His better be good Angel or not I will kill you" She said as the lift opens and we walked inside. My heartbeat was still unusual because of that encounter.

"What happen?" She asked as soon as we got inside her car. Putting on the seatbelt and taking a deep breath

"We were dancing carelessly until my eyes landed on 4 guys who are standing at the 2nd floor. They were talking and drinking beers. I saw a stairs to go up and I walked up but there's bodyguard who stopped me. He said it was a private area"

"After that I saw him alone , smirking at me and drink his beer but he walked inside he private room. I was trying to find a way to find or about this guy when suddenly he walked out and dissapeared. I decided to find a way out from the main door when suddenly he pinned me to the all"

"He asked me my name and why I went up. He even asked me 'Do you know that the 2nd floor is the devil's lair?' He said that and then told me not to go there anymore. After that he dissapeared" I said

"What is he look like?" Kayla asked and I know she's start to get curious

"Brown hair , styled up. He has a brown eyes and prefect jawline. Thin beard and mustache. His tall is about 6"2' and his has a broad shoulder. He's so damn handsome and my heart skip a beat" I bursted that all at once


"You didn't ask his name?"

"No , I froze when he was near me. My heart wasn't fuction well

"2nd floor.. I know that floor is a private area but I never know who go there" Kayla said

"Devil's lair" I repeated what that mystery guy said

"Do you see the other 3?"

"I only saw their back because they're on their way to go inside their private room. I know there's secret way from the main door that connects up. That guy can go down in a different way" I said

"You make me curious too!" She smacked my arm playfully

"Who is he? That question keep coming" I said

"He must be a famous person or maybe an actor that you haven't meet yet" She said and I shook my head

"I'm positive he's not a actor" Suddenly we both turn silent , my head was busy with that guy. I don't know what got me but that man just gave me chills all over my body.

She suddenly took out her phone and trying to dial somebody. I looked at her with questioning eyes. She put it in a loud speaker


"Hey Fred" Kayla said

"What's up Kayla?"

"Do you still work at that private club Fred?" Kayla asked in a careful tone

"Yeah but on weekends , why?"

"Do you know who is using the 2nd floor of that club?" Kayla asked straight to the point

"Uhmm" Fred was silent for a moment

"I think I can't tell you Kayla" He said after a quite long silence

"What? Why?"

"That's why we called a private club" He said and I sighed

"Angelia Selesvone" She suddenly mention my name

"What about her?" Fred asked

"I saw she walking up to the 2nd floor" She pretended she doesn't know me and this Fred doesn't know that Kayla is my friend

"What is she doing there?" Fred bursted

"That's why I want to ask you , who's staying upstairs?" Kayla asked

"Oh shit Kayla , I'm in deep trouble if my boss knows someone going up that stair" He panic and my eyes widen

"Can you just tell me who's at the 2nd floor?" Kayla asked

"Kayla I'm-"

"Tell me who are they or I'll tell the boss that there's no guards to pre-"

"Okayokay fine!" He lose and Kayla smirked. I need to hear this.

"The 2nd Floor are belong to the 7 Gold Lifes , no one can enter that floor except them" My eyes widen as he mention the 7 Gold Lifes. I froze and I felt every cell in my body tense

"Why are you make this a secret? It's not a big deal"

"You never know what will they do Kayla.. They have power and money. They want to have a private room and the club owner is Sky Locason's brother Joshua Locason.

"Okay thankyou Fred"

"Please don't tell anyone Kayla" He begged

"Okay" She ended the call and she turned to me

"You're facing one of the 7 Gold Lifes Angel.. I bet it won't be Aaron and Sky because they're married" Kayla stated and I quickly take out my phone to see who is the devil that I'm facing with.

Typing '7 Gold Lifes' and press enter

I looked at their profile and my finger stop scrolling as I see his handsome face on the screen. My breath got hitch as I read his name

"Alexander North" I whispered his name in horror

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