Chapter 25 - Waiting Game

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Angelia Selosvone

I'm sweating right now , literally sweating because I'm nervous. Jean decided to went home because she needs to take care the twins. I went to the bar with Sophia and Janet.

Janet lead me inside and to the small door , I can't help but rolled my eyes. It's a really small lift.

"You go first. Just scan the card okay?" Janet smiled as she press the secret button

"How do you know this?"

"Sky has brought me here once and we both get into that lift together since we only have 1 access card" She smiled cheekly and I chuckled

"Go!" Sophia said as I entered the lift

"How about you guys?"

"We'll go after you besides we will fit there not like me and Sky.." Janet laughed as she press a button closing the door. I scanned the card and press 2

The lift went up and opened , I walked out slowly and the lift closed again. I saw their private door and walked there. I'm literally shaking , I hold the door knob

"Go inside" I jumped as I heard Sophia's voice

"Okay" I pressed and opened the door. The guys froze and looked at us 3 shocked. I looked at Alex , his eyes widen.

"Baby" Sophia squealed and hugged Aaron. She kissed his cheek

"Where is my gold card?" Aaron asked straight to the point , Sophia show that in front of his face and when he want to take it she hide it

"Let's go home" She said

"He just got here" Ken said annoyed

"Janet where's mine?" Sky asked as he glared at his wife. Janet pouted and I gave her the card. She took it and gave it to him

"Janet let's go dance down stairs!" Sophia said excitedly

"No!" Aaron and Sky answered in unison , I chuckled

"Let's go" Sophia quickly took Janet's hand and walked out

"Janet! Oh shit" Sky called and went out

"I need to take care of my wife first okay boys.. adiosss" Aaron said and he followed them outside.

"It's hot here" Max commented

"I felt weird here , let's go Kenny and Bastian" Luke gestured them and they groaned before they all went out. I saw Alex looked away and I closed the door

"No hello? No how are you?" I asked as I sit across him , he turned to me

"What are you doing here Angel?"

"Getting into the Devil's lair" I said as I took a bottle of alchohol and drink it from there

"Go home Angel"

"The Angel decided to jump to the bottom of the chain.. so Devil entertain me" I smiled and he sighed

"Angel it's late , you have to go home" Alex looked away

"Who are you telling me what to do?" I asked

"If you don't go than I will" He stated and stood up from the sofa

"I miss you Alexander" That got him froze but he suddenly continue to walk. I stopped him by standing at the door

"Do you miss me?" I asked and look straight into his eyes


"Why are you still wearing the necklace that I gave you?" I asked and he looked at the necklace. He looked away immediately

"Can you just stop lying to yourself Alex?"

"I can't Angel! I can't risk you again!" He bursted and looked at me seriously. He put his hands on my shoulder and try to get me off the door but I kept standing there not even move a bit

"Until when you keep your feelings? Until when Alex?" I asked and he looked down to me

"Stop saying stupid things Selosvone" He said coldly

"So you will spy on me for the rest of your life? Looking at me for a distance will make you happy?" His eyes widen

"Move Angel before I do something to hurt you"

"Hurt me! I don't care" I said it to his face

"Move Angel" I closed his eyes and said it coldly

"Marry me" I said and that make him looked at me with his eyes widen. He let out a scoffed. I quickly take this chance to kiss him. Sliding my arms to his waist , he kissed me back

"Stop lying to yourself will you Alex? If you don't want to hurt me then you better not avoiding me" I said , I closed my eyes and hugged him tightly. He doesn't say anything and I'm a little bit nervous

"You'll get hurt again" He suddenly state

"I'm going to LA in 3 hours.. I just want to tell you how much you're mean to me Alexander , find me when you're ready. I'm ready taking a risk why won't you?" I said but still hugging him. Tears came out from my eyes

"I'll wait for you.. if you don't want , find me and tell that to my face so I can move on even I don't know until when" Tears keep coming out from my eyes , I quickly wipe it and looked up to him. He looked at my eyes

"I'll miss you" I smiled awkwardly and tip toe to gave him a peck on his lips

"You're worth it Alex , I want to fight for you and I hope you will fight for me too" I smiled and he just looked at me blankly

"See you when you're ready okay?" I hugged him shortly , memorising him for the last time and slowly walking backwards to the door. Turning my body and opened the door

I never thought walking away from someone who is mean almost everything to you is hard..

I'll miss you Alexander..
I.. think.. I'm falling for you
The Angel falls in love with the Devil

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