Chapter 15 - Move In

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Alexander North

Slowly feeling the space beside me but I felt none. I opened my eyes to see the empty space beside me. Getting up from the bed and scanned my room but there's none of her presence here.

I walked to the bathroom see if she's there but none too , now I'm getting frustrated. I walked downstairs and scanned everywhere but I can't believe she's gone.

"Doris" I called my maid

"Yes sir?"

"Do you see Angel?" I asked and she suddenly paled

"Tell me"

"Uhmm she got your car and went put around 40 minutes ago" She said in a nervous tone. I closed my eyes and sighed.

I walked up again and taking my phone , I quickly dial Angel's phone. This woman is unbelievable.

"Yes baby?" She answered in a really sweet tone and I can't help but not bursting at her

"Where are you?"

"Back to my house" She answered shortly and I wanted to be angry but there's a part of me that can't get angry to this woman

"You took my car" I heard my gate was being open and I walked out to see her in my car. She ended the call and stopped the car in front of me. She got off and I saw her already changing her clothes into a gray sleeveless croptop and a black short.

She walked to me and gave me a peck on my cheek

"Stop worrying about your car will you?" She said as she walked inside my house again. I realise she brought a big plastic bag , she walked to the kitchen and I can't help but checking out her longlegs can I?

"What are you buying?"

"We're going on a picnic today remember?"

"I didn't agree to that" I said and she turned to me with her cold expression

"Fine , I can ask someone else to company me" She stated and I sneak my arms to her waist

"Who?" I whispered in her ears

"Nathan maybe or Sean or-"

"Fine , I'll come with you" I don't like her mentioning other guys name , I know guys are in love with him. I even saw a view articles about people stating that Angelia Selosvone is his ideal type. I don't like it a bit

"Good boy" She said as she pushed away my hands and started taking out some ham , cheese , lettuce and some other stuff

"What is this for?"

"Picnic Alex , have you even ever go to picnic?" She looked at me disbelief and I shook my head

"Oh God , you're missing life" She shook her head as she wash the lettuce , cucumber and tomatoes.

"Is this one of your dates?" I asked

"Of course and I have 1 date left" She stated and I looked at her confuse

"3 more" I said and she turned to me

"Are you bipolar or something? I thought you say 2 more times and now you said 3 more times" She said in annoyed tone , I walked to her and caught her lips to mine. Kissing her slowly and looked into her blue to gray eyes

"I'm the boss here little Angel" I smirked and she shook her head

"Whatever , you're a boss who sleep like a bear" She stated and that make me laughed

"Why a bear sweetheart?" I asked

"You completely hugging me tightly and I was choking" She stated annoyed and that got me laughing out loud

She was right though. Last night , I force her to sleep with me on my bed. She doesn't like the idea of it and I hugged her tightly and sleeping while she's in my arms so she can't get away from me. She has a really nice scent and I like smelling it. I even love the way she fit in my arms

"You like that"

"Yeah you almost got me dead" She glared at me

"I won't be like that if you just listen to me" I said as I looked at her cutting the tomatoes

"You're not even my boyfriend , iuww why would I listen to you?" She glared

"Well you're my girlfriend right now" I stated the obvious

"Fake , you pushed me to hell and ready to give me to Jonathan or Nate or whatever he is. A good boyfriend will never push their girlfriend like that" Now she's in piss mode

"Baby didn't I told you that I will make sure that he won't touch you?" I walked to her and kissed the back of her neck , I felt her tense

"You will never know something will happen Alex"

"He won't touch you , I guarantee that. All you have to do is stick to me" I kissed the back of her neck again and slowly trailing kisses to her cheek

"Yeah right , like I will stick to you 24/7"

"That's a good idea , how about you move in here?" I said and she turned to me like I just grow 2 heads


"Move in here babe" I gave her a peck on the lips

"No" She glared at me and I chuckled. Her blue grey eyes gets furious and I like that. I gave a peck on her lips again

"Should I go to your house and tell your parents?" I asked

"Alexander no.. do you understand english?" She asked annoyed and how I love to push that button. I chuckled

"I don't babe" She's making a sandwich and everything like that so I decided to get showered and go with her to Central Park..

Why did I agree to her? Argh!

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