Chapter 21 - Hurting

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Alexander North

I kept studying the CCTV for days and it's been 6 days since that news got out. I really still can believe the fact that she's gone. I still can't believe that.

The sadness was still there and it bruise my heart a lot. I ned to concentrate to take a look at the CCTV footage so I will get a clue about everything.

"Hey" I answered my phone as I saw the caller ID

"How is it going?" Ken asked

"Nothing , I got nothing" I bursted annoy

"Bring all of that to my office , I call the boys to come" He said

"Okay" I ended the call and take the laptop , hard disk and everything to my car. Driving all the way to Domanco's building. I saw Sky entered the building as well

"You look awful" He commented and I just ignored him

"Found anything yet?" He asked and I shook my head , we entered the lift and swipe our Gold Card. I just take a deep breath and let it out slowly

We walked out from the lift and entered Ken's office. Everyone already here and I started to open up all the files and put it all on his desk. We replay the footage for hours and hours when suddenly an unknown number called me.

The guys looked at me weirdly and I picked it up quickly. I put it on loudspeaker

"How is it feel to lose someone Alex?" Nate

The boys already have their hand fist and they're all ready to kill him. My hand tightens and I can't help but try to keep calm

"She's not important to me" I stated calmly and I saw Sky's expression getting darkens

"Really? Why are you still trying to find out what happen in the footage?" I turned to Ken and he immediately turned off the CCTV inside his building

"What do you want? You already kill her!" I bursted angrily

"Alex.. calm down boy" Suddenly Max took my phone and add record to the phone call

"Calm down what?"

"Isn't this the perfect time to make a revenge on you? Now that I see this girl so important to you" He said with an evil laugh

"She's only a bait" I stated

"Do you hear that Angel?" He said and my eyes widen

"You fucker! Where is she?" I bursted angrily

"Oh the lover boy is mad" He laughed like a maniac , I'll make sure he will pay for this. Ken slowly walked out and gestured Sebastian to come out too. They must discuss something.

"Try to talk to him beautiful Angel" I heard he said

"Hey Alex" I heard her voice , my heart just feel so happy hearing that she's still alive.

"Are you okay? Did he hurt you? I-"

"I'm fine" She said but hearing that makes my heart bleed. Suddenly Ken and Sebastian entered with someone , he gestured me to slowly connect my phone to the computer

"Keep talking" Luke mouthed and Ken nodded

"Why are you racing? Didn't I tell you to stop driving?" I bursted

"Stop acting like you care Alex , don't give me a little light of hope that one day you will care and even like me" She said in a hurt tone , that make my heart hurt even more

"I do care!" I said frustrated

"Enough" Nate took back the phone

"What a heartbreaking talk.. I'll take care of her Alex , I don't know why you throw her away but she seems okay" That make me want to kill him with my bare hands.

"Right little Angel?" I turned to Sebastian with a burning eyes but he gestured me to wait for a moment

"He doesn't care so stop saying that bastard" Angel bursted to Nate

"Shut up bitch" Nate said and I heard Angel groaned in pain. My eyes widen

"Angel!" I called

"Goodbye Alex.. I'm just wanting you to feel the pain losing someone you love" With that he ended the call. I throw my phone away and run my hands through my hair.

"Please find her" I begged as Ken's man trying to find her

"Calm down a little bit , thank God to know that she's alive" Aaron patted my shoulder

"We have the footage , his phone calls.. we got this man" Sky smiled and try to calm me down

I walked to the window and trying to calm myself. I'm worried that he will do something to her. I need to get her fast and I need to see her. I need to make sure that she's okay

"Is he dump or what?" Ken suddenly laughed

"He maybe delete the footage when the went out , he stupidly call without blocking his whereabouts , Thank God you kick him from this group" Max said and that doesn't make me better

All I need now is to see her..

Let me see her , I will always make sure that she's safe and I will keep her away from me so this kinda thing will never happen again.

"You love her" Aaron stood beside me as we both looked at the view through the glass. He stated but I don't let out any answer , I still don't know

"Don't worry we will find her" He patted my shoulder and I turned to him

"We have to kill Nate"

"Throw him to jail is enough Alex" He smiled and walked away

"We found her!" Sebastian said and I quickly walked to them. There's a map and it's pointing at one spot.

"Let's go!"

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