Chapter 26 - Wish Come True

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Angelia Selosvone

I smiled happily as I saw the crew got me a really big cake for my birthday. They all sing a happybirthday song for me and I can't help but laugh and sing too.

"Happybirthdayyyyy to our lovely Angel" Mark shouted and I chuckled

"Thankyou" I said to all the crews

"Make a wish!" Joe my director said and I quickly closed my eyes. Saying the same wish that I've been wishing for the past month. I opened my eyes and blow up the candles.

I cut the cake and share it to everyone , I felt so happy today and adding a year to my age is kinda weird. My parents already called me this morning and don't forget Kayla too. Sophia , Jean , Janet and Rose send me text messages. The person that I don't even believe congratulating me is Ken and the others except Alex.

It's been a month but I haven't see Alex , I miss him and I'm still waiting for him to come

"Thankyou" I hugged them one by one and thanked them once again. They're so sweet

They surprised me after the shoot finish so I can get home and rest. Tomorrow I have an early shoot and I'm quite tired

"Angel" Suddenly Mark called me

"Yeah?" I turned to him as I looked for my car key

"Uhmm do you want to have a dinner with me tomorrow night?" He asked

"You can wish that in your next life buddy" I froze as I hear that voice

"I- I- Goodnight Angel.. Happybirthday again" Mark said and he ran away. Tears already filling my eyes and I know he's behind me.

"Aren't you going to look at me?" Tears flowing from my eyes , he's here. Alex is here.. on my birthday

"Angel" He called and I quickly wipe my tears. Turning my body to him and looked at him

"Happ- are you crying?" He looked at me with eyes widen , he was holding a cake. He put that on my car and hugged me. I cried my feelings out

"I'm sorry.. i'm sorry" He said as he stroke my hair , tears keep coming out from my eyes and it's just won't stop

"You're here" I mumbled

"I'm here.. i'm sorry" He said hugging me tightly

"What took you so long?" I asked while sobbing

"I'm sorry" I let him go and wiped my tears

"Sing me a happy birthday song" I said and he smiled , he took the cake again

"Happybirthday Angel.. Happybirthday Angel.. Happybirthday Happybirthday Happybirthday.. Happybirthday Angel" He sings and I smiled

"Make your wish before blowing it" He said

"I wish Alex will come to me and promise me that he won't leave me again." I said my wish out loud and blow it

"I promise I won't leave Angel again" He said and I froze , I looked up to him

"I promise" He repeated and my eyes start to fill with tears again

"Don't cry please.." He put the cake on my car again and hugged me tightly again

"What took you so long asshole?" I cried again

"I'm sorry"

"You're going to be killed by Joe tomorrow.. you make my eyes puffy" I said and he chuckled

"I'll take care of that" He kissed the top of my head

"I love you Angel" That make me froze and I smiled. I just keep silent and hugged him tightly

"Where is my birthday present?" I asked pretending not hearing what he said

"You're hugging him"

"You're right! This is the best birthday present ever" I squealed and still hugging him

"Angel" He called and I looked up to him. He wiped my tears and gave me a peck on my lips. We just take a moment to looked at each other

"I'm going to have a kiss scene tomorrow with Mark" I stated and he sighed

"Yey kissing scene" He said sarcasticly and I chuckled

"I love you too Alex" I said suddenly and he looked at me

"Of course you do" He smirked and crash his lips to mine. Kissing him again is like a dream but today is reality. He will never leave me again

"I miss you to dead" He said and I smiled

"What makes you change your mind devil?" I asked and he looked away

"So many things.."

"Care to tell me?" I raised my eyebrows

"A lecture from the Samuel.. a lecture from Locason.. a little push from Ken" He said but he's not looking at me

"I owe all of them then.." I said and he turned to me really fast

"Don't own them.. I- I alrea- argh I already take the punishment" He suttered

"What punishment?"

"Everytime the 7 Gold Life member settle down.. they must do the punishment that they made long time ago" Alex sighed

"What is your punishment Alex?"

"Buy each member golds" My eyes widen

"Oh crap" I hissed

"Chill , I'm not bankrupt yet.. I still have billions" He said arrogantly

"Of course you have" I smiled and kissed him again. Imm so happy now

"So you decided to settle down with me?" I asked excited

"I- yo- yeah" He said nervously and I chuckled

"I love you" I poked his chest

"I know" He nodded and I glared at him

"I hate you" He doesn't say it back

"I know"



"You're so-"

"I love you Angelia" He cut me and I smiled

"I know" I imitated him and he glared at me

"I wonder what your Gold Card looks like" I said cheekly and he sighed

"It's the same as Sky's and Aaron's Angel"

"No little Angel anymore?" I asked

"Yes little Angel?" He smiled and I just love him so much

"Let's go home!" I looked for my car key and throw it to him

"Are you serious got a kissing scene tomorrow?" Alex asked and I nodded

"If you don't believe me , you can ask Joe my director"

"Shit" He hissed and that makes me laugh

Finally the Angel got the Devil back!

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