Chapter 1 - Introducing The Hollywood Princess

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Angelia Selosvone

"That's a wrap" The director said out loud

Today is the last day of shooting , I'm really excited because I get to take a vacation. I really need that because I've been working non-stop for the past 2 months.

I thanked all of the crews and everyone that already work heart in this movie. Yesterday I decided to buy a lunch box for all of the crews and just share the love. I'm so grateful to have them as a team , they're really good people

"Hey Angel" Wesley , co-star called and I turned to him

"Hey Wesley , what's up?" I asked

"Uhmm are you free this friday?" He asked nervously and I chuckled

"I'm sorry , I have to go to my parent's house in New York" I apologised

"Okay then , maybe next time" He said awkwardly and I smiled. I hugged him briefly and walked away

"My Hollywood Princess" Mark the Director of this movie said

"Hey Mark , you did a great job" I hugged the old man and he chuckled

"Thanks muffin. So any plans after this?" He asked

"Just planning to go to my parent's house. They missed me" I stated

"Okay muffin , see you then! The premiere is in 4 months okay?" I nodded and hugged him agaian before I leave. I bid my goodbye to the crews and walked to my van.

"Your plane is in 4 p.m" Luisa my manager said

"Okay" I nodded

"How long will you stay there?" She asked

"1 month tops" I answered but my eyes are glued to my phone. Checking instagram and snapchat. What can I say? I'm the Hollywood Princess , people are paying attention to me.

"Don't do anything stupid Angel , all eyes on you" She warned and I just ignored her. Checking my message and there's a tons of guys messaging me.

I never take interest on them , they're just.. plain. I don't like it and I want to find someone who can gave me chill just by staring into my eyes.

"Wilson texted me again to tell you that he's looking for you" Luisa annoyed and I was more annoyed by that fact. Wilson is my co-star last year , he's handsome but nah.. i don't like blondes.

"Ignore him , block him" I said

"How I wish someone can make Janet Locason's book into a movie!" Luisa squealed as she read that book all over and over again. I read it and it was good but I'm not a maniac like Luisa.

"She just release that book like 3 months ago and there's still a long way to go" I rolled my eyes

"She's lucky , she mocked Sky and then she met him in person. Fall in love and boom get married" Luisa said dramaticly

"I bet 7 Gold Lifes are only good looking in the picture" I stated

"Angel , they're completely a greek god. Handsome as hell" Drama queen


Not long after that , I arrived at my apartment. Quickly taking a shower and change into a black skinny jeans , white tank top and black leather jacket. I do my make up fast and simple , pulling my hair into a pony tail.

Taking my sunglasses and wear it. I quickly pack a few things because there's a lot of clothes at my parent's house. Wearing my adidas superstar and walked downstairs.

"Let's go" I said to Luisa and we walked to our van again. The driver starts to drive to LAX. I closed my eyes and decided to sleep for awhile

"Angel" Someone poked me

"Angel wake up , we're at the airport" Luisa poked me again and I slowly opened my eyes. Wearing my sunglasses again and get off from the car.

Taking my luggage and walked in , queueing to check in. People starting to regconise me , they taking out their phones and start video and taking my picture. I already use to this is it's not a big deal at all.

After checking in , a few fans greet me and ask for photos. I was so glad that they love and I can't thank enough. I won't be the Hollywood Princess without them.

Waiting for awhile and get board on the plane. I'm so excited to go home. It's been a long time since I see my parents. Flying for 5 and a half hours and landed on New York safely. I quickly take my luggage and ran out form the airport.

I saw my parents waving their hands and I quickly ran to them. Hugging them so tightly because I miss them so so bad.

"I miss you guys so much" I said

"We miss you too" My mom said

"I miss you so much" My dad ruffled my hair and I glared at him. I know people are looking at us and some of them even whispered my name. Thank God my parents already used to the attention that I get.

"So how are you guys?" I asked as I get inside the car. My dad drives away

"Good and by the way Kayla already waiting for you back home" My eyes widen and I squealed

Kayla is my bestfriend since highschool and we have been friends for 7 years. I miss her so much , being in LA for 2 months makes miss home more than I thought I would.

We talked about many things until we arrived at home. I ran out from the car to see Kayla is standing in front of our door. I hugged her tightly

"I miss you HP" HP is a short phrase for Hollywood Princess

"Miss you too KP" KP is a short version of her name Kayla Payton

"Hello Raline and Baren" Kayla greeted my parents and we all walked inside my house. Me and Kayla walked upstairs to my room and I throw myself to my precious bed.

"Let's go party tonight"

"I just got here" I said and she plopped herself beside me

"So? Let's go! I miss you and the first thing when you got here , I want to party" She said and begged me


"The usual private bar"


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