Chapter 4 - The Holiday

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The sun shine bright through the window, waking Elytra up annoyingly. She rubbed her eyes sleepily, and briefly watched the snow fall onto the streets below. No one had woken her up surprisingly, and Elytra looked around. The room was big, quite a lot bigger than she was used to. There were three doors, one of which she knew led out, but what were the other two for?
Elytra slid out of the comfortable bed, wrapping the large red blanket around her wings and body. She walked slowly to the first door, and it opened noiselessly. It was a bathroom, with a massive glass shower, toilet, and sink. Elytra turned her head, and noticed a mirror that took up the expanse of the entire wall.
Taking a deep breath, she stepped into the room, and looked at her reflection. Elytra had grown a lot since she was four, the last time she had looked in a mirror. Her hair fell to the bottom of her back now, it would have been cut soon if she stayed. It was a sleek, shiny chocolate brown, and very, very tangled. Elytra looked around for a hairbrush. There was one in a drawer, and she spent a good 20 minutes brushing it out and braiding it, tying it off with a rubber band she had around her wrist. Elytra examined the cuts, now scabs, on her face, running her fingers along each one until only little white lines were left. Pulling some of her hair out of the braid, it fell over her right eye, the way she liked it. Her other eye was emerald green, vivid, more than usual. Sighing, she looked to her leg. It was silver, metal, and came up to mid-thigh, where it met her skin. Elytra traced the border line between skin and metal, shivering at the touch of the cold metal, next to the warm skin of her thigh. She stood up, and investigated her actual room. It had a bed, a table beside it with a lamp, a tv, a desk with a 'computer' and chair. There was a piece of paper next to the lamp, and she rushed over and read it.

We had to leave early this morning, but should be back by seven tonight.
She glanced at the clock, which read 9:27.
Steve left a muffin on the table for you, along with a glass of water. Feel free to watch tv, just ask JARVIS. There are clothes in the closet, we guessed your size, and shoes in there too.
See you at seven,

Elytra smiled, and placed the note on the table, picking up the muffin. It had little bits of sweet brown stuff on top, which she thought they called chocolate. She ate it in about 5 bites, and drank about half of the water. Elytra knew she might as well put on some new clothes, so she strolled over to the other door, and opened it to find more clothes than she had seen in her entire life. There were about 50 shirts, 100 pair of jeans and leggings, and a lot of shoes. Elytra finally settled on a plain black tank top (which she cut two holes in with scissors she found on the desk), short baggy pants (sweatpants) that fell to her knees, and a sock.
She slipped her old clothes off, and took a shower. After she showered, braided her hair again, and dressed, Elytra sat on her bed, staring at the tv. "Who the heck is JARVIS!?" She asked herself, not expecting to get an answer. "That would be me, Miss Elytra." An electronic voice came through the speaker in the wall. Elytra squeaked, and hid under the blanket. Peering out, she heard the voice again. "Very sorry for scaring you miss, Tony has informed me that I am to entertain you until the team gets back. Would you like to watch the television?" He asked Elytra, and she nodded. The tv flickered to life, and played a movie she had never seen before. It was called, "Tangled."
Elytra sat on the bed, cuddled in the blanket watching movies, until she heard a knock on the door. She looked to the clock, 7:06. Before Elytra could react, literally EVERYONE came into her room, including two people who she had not met before. "Sorry about leaving El, we needed to go pick up these two. El, this is Dr. Banner and Bucky." Steve introduced her, and she waved shyly. Bucky had a metal arm too. "Do you want to grab some dinner guys?" Natasha asked, and they all nodded. Elytra hopped out of bed, and Bucky and Dr. Banner seemed to stare at her. "Did I do something wrong?" She asked, and they both shook their heads violently. "Nope." Bucky spoke, so Elytra shrugged, and stretched her wings, walking over to stand beside the door. Dr. Banner and Bucky were still looking at her weirdly, and she stared back at them. "Oh," She thought, "they're looking at my wings and my leg. Well, I might as well show them my eye too." Pietro apparently had the same idea, and quickly brushed the hair out of her face. "Thanks." Elytra told him, and looked from Bucky, to Banner, and back to Bucky, who had his mouth open in shock, while it looked more like Dr. Banner was studying her. "What happened to you?" Bucky asked, as Banner continued to analyze her. "Um, reaction to an injection, I got ran over by his car, and I was born with them." Elytra pointed to her eye, her leg, then to Tony, and finally, her wings. Banner nodded, looking her up and down, and as she turned around, she fell. But the impact didn't come, instead Elytra looked up to see that Bucky had caught her. "Takes some getting used to, doesn't it." He chuckled, and she laughed too. "Thank you."
They traveled to the dining area, and she sat between Steve and Bucky. The food was already waiting for them, on a massive white plate. Elytra quickly caught on that dinner was chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob. "Can't believe it's Christmas already!" Wanda squealed. What was Christmas? "What's Christmas?" Elytra asked, and the table fell quiet. Everyone looked over at her, and she wanted nothing more than to sink into the floor. Clint answered her question. "It's a day where we celebrate family, and give each other presents." He explained, and Tony added. "And stuff ourselves with dessert!"
That sounded fun. Elytra had never celebrated Christmas before. She thought that explained the tree in the middle of the room, with boxes wrapped in shiny paper under it. "Oh." Elytra didn't really have much else to say, but Steve put in, "Don't worry, it's Thor's first Christmas too." She looked over to Thor, who's mouth was stuffed with potatoes. They laughed, as Thor turned red.
After dinner, everyone went off to their separate rooms, while Steve escorted Elytra to hers. They stopped at the door.
"Goodnight Steve."
"Goodnight Elytra."
As he went back to his own room, a little farther down the hall, Elytra stripped, and put on an oversized shirt and some pajama shorts, climbing into her comfy bed. She was just drifting off to sleep when she heard the door creak open, and hushed chuckles coming from the hall. There was a faint click, and a "This'll look good on the Christmas card." Elytra shrugged it off, and fell asleep.

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