Chapter 7 - The Memory

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''This bed is really uncomfortable." She thought, "The pillow is basically nonexistent, and the sheets are cold, the opposite of what they're supposed to do, KEEP ME WARM. It's freezing." Elytra opened her eyes to look at the starry night sky through the skylight, the full moon glowing in the distance. She could run, she knew that, but here was safer than running, so here she will stay. Elytra placed one foot on the cold tile floor, and then the other. She made her way down many halls, before arriving at her room. There was a sign on it now, with the word Icy carved into it. This, was Tony's work. Elytra yawned, and open the door.
The first thing she spotted was her bed, or rather, where it used to be. Now, there were beams running across the ceiling, along with a loft in one corner. It was held up by supports, and underneath was a desk. The walls were now a mural, ice spikes and snow painted on with blues and whites. If she wasn't so tired, she could cry. Leaving the door open, Elytra flew up onto the loft, curled up, and went to sleep.
She woke to the sound of people talking outside her room, probably in the hall.
"I feel really bad about yesterday."
"Me too, but maybe her new room'll cheer little Icy up."
"Why is the door open? I closed it when I left."
The footsteps grew louder, and Elytra snuggled back up under Clint's blanket, trying to go back to sleep, but no.
She jumped, and hit her head on the ceiling. "Ow...." Elytra groaned. Peering over the edge of the loft, she looked down on Tony, Clint, and Dr. Banner. "Um...Hi?"
"Don't 'Um...Hi?' Me!" Tony shrieked, "What are you doing in here?" Elytra shrugged. "The other bed was uncomfortable. I came back in here, to find all of this. Thank you very much, by the way." She jumped from the loft to the beam, hanging over the edge. Elytra looked down at Clint, who smirked. "You know, we haven't given you your last present yet." She gave him a questioning glance. "Follow me."
They arrived at the lab just a few short minutes later. Dr. Banner instructed Elytra to lay on the table in the middle, and she did so without question. Tony and Clint sat in chairs off to the side, while Banner put a blue liquid into a dropper. "What's that?" She asked, but no one answered. Elytra sat still as Dr. Banner hovered over her, dropping a drop into her blind eye. Elytra blinked. "What was that supposed to d-." Her vision was clearing up.
Slowly, the darkness turned into blobs, then shapes, then people. Elytra gasped, and grabbed Dr. Banner, and hugged him. She then proceeded to hug both Tony and Clint, and ran out the door.
The bathroom door was wide open, and Elytra gazed into the mirror. Her eye was green again. The grey, cloudiness was gone, and her eyes now matched. A teardrop fell onto her cheek, which Elytra quickly wiped away. Her hair flopped in front of her eye, and for the first time, she tucked it back behind her ear.
Elytra trotted back to her loft, taking the ladder this time, and curled up. With one arm, she pulled Clint's blanket over her body, with the other, she held her stuffed elephant. It was worn now, pale blue and ragged, but it was hers. Elytra closed her eyes, and took a nap.
When she awoke, the stars lit the room, shining through the tall windows. Elytra pulled the blanket off, and jumped down, and landed on her butt. She stood up, brushed herself off, grabbed her elephant, and headed out the door. The hallways were empty, so she had no trouble finding the door marked Roof.
   Elytra pulled the door open and a wave of cool night air hit, blowing her hair in all different directions. The pool glistened in the moonlight, and the chairs sat stone cold on either side. The moon beckoned, called to her, as Elytra took a step onto the pool. It iced over, and she easily walked across. She stood at the railing, holding a hand out, as if she could touch the shimmering blue moon. Elytra remembered the days when it was her only comfort, her only friend, her only hope.
I lay on the cold floor, surrounded by my own blood. I tore a strip from the bottom of my tank top, and wrapped it around my arm. Coughing, more blood splattered onto the tile. I leaned back, head hitting the wall, and stared out the bars. The moon shone bright, surrounded by stars, as it did every night. If the moon shone that bright every night, I would stay alive just to see it.
Elytra swung one foot, then the other, over the railing, and used it as a bench. She held a hand out to the moon, and a memory came back to her. A saying, Cameron used to say it, like he knew this was going to happen. Elytra didn't understand when she was younger, but she thought she did now. She could still hear his voice in her mind sometimes, when she's lonely and scared.
"And if you're lonely, look to the moon. Somewhere, in this world or the next, I'll be looking at it too."

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