Chapter 1 - SE-491

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    The sirens screamed from the labs behind her, as the girl struggled to climb the twenty foot security fence towering above her head.
    "SE-491 has broken free. All units report to station eleven." The robotic voice blared through the speakers, as twenty men in uniforms ran up to the barrier. The alarm rang in her ears as she gripped the wall with her calloused hands. Unaware that she was too close to the wire until it was too late, the girl's left wing scraped against spikes, and a faint tearing sound echoed as the raven skin tore. The experiment looked down, only to see a long gash running along the middle of her skin. Her wings were not of concern at the moment, but there was no way she could possibly mend it. Guards in polished attire on the ground raised their guns and shot at the frightened girl, but she had already jumped.
The girl hit the ground quite hard, and while standing up, her ankle got caught in one of the steel circles that made up the barrier. She struggled to pull her foot out, and fast. The girl yanked, and it twisted with a sickening crack. Ignoring the pain, she ran. For a long, long time.
    Gasping for air, SE-491 could no longer hear the sirens, as she had already ran into the depth of the woods surrounding that terrible place.
After running, or rather, limping, for God knows how long, the girl stopped by a road to look over her injuries. One torn wing, one broken ankle, one blind eye. Her eye wasn't really an injury anymore though. It had happened a long time ago, yet she still wasn't exactly used to not seeing her right side.
SE-491 took the cloak out of a bag around her waist, and wrapped it around her wings, somewhat sheltering herself from the cold. She took a quick glance both ways across the street, before limping across, as fast as she could.
Little did she know, a car was speeding towards her, and it didn't have time to stop. She had looked to the right after hearing the hum of an engine. The car's front knocked the girl off her feet, all of the air out of her lungs. Tires screeched to a halt somewhere behind her broken body. The girl's leg was now broken beyond repair, she couldn't feel it anymore, as she lay in a pool of her own sticky, crimson blood.
Luckily, her wings were still covered, or the situation could probably have been a lot worse. Out of her good eye, SE-491 saw the car halt, and four people came rushing out, all shouting at each other in a jumbled mess of words.
"Oh God!"
"Tony, why didn't you stop!"
"Thor, grab the first aid!"
"Steve, help me over here!"
Then realization struck her harder than the car ever could. She had been caught, with nowhere to run.
They had just came back from a much-needed vacation and were driving down the road when Clint saw it. A hooded figure limping across the road, oblivious to the fact their car was heading right for it. Steve saw it too. "Tony, STOP!!!" He shouted, and Tony hit the brakes as fast as he could, cursing the entire time. Clint already knew it was too late, and he could tell everyone else did too. The hooded figure looked at them, and her eyes went wide, before they heard a sickening thud, and the car rammed into her.
Clint wasted no time panicking, and him and Steve jumped out of the car, as Steve began to shout orders to Thor and Tony. Clint ran over to the hooded figure, surrounded in a pool of red blood. "Oh god." He choked, upon seeing how bad the injuries actually were.
Her leg was obviously broken, her face covered in cuts from the windshield, which had shattered on impact. Thor ran over with the first aid kit, and Clint grabbed everything he would need to set her leg until they got to the tower. "Steve, help me over here!" He yelled, and Steve ran over beside the three. Clint whispered, "Distract her for me." And he nodded, kneeling down next to the poor kid. She had quite a few broken ribs, and Clint could see every single one of them protruding through the pale skin of her chest. The same question popped into the four heroes' minds; What exactly have we just hit?
Steve sat down beside the girl, trying to distract her while Thor and Clint set her leg. She was breathing heavily, trying not to cry.
"What's your name, sweetheart?" He asked, and the girl took a shaky breath.
"SE-491." She answered, rather confidently, as if it was her actual name.
"What kind of name is that?" Tony exclaimed, looking at his broken windshield, the edges dripping with blood.
Steve looked at her, and something inside his brain clicked. "
"She was a science experiment. Am I right?" She gave a small nod, and Steve watched as she weakly struggled with Thor as he tried to take her hood off. He got it off, in two pieces, and everyone fell silent.
She tried to cover them up, but they had already seen them. The black leathery wings fell onto the blood stained ground, and she cried.
"Y-You're going t-to lock me up again, aren't you?" The girl sobbed.
"Why would we put you in a prison?" Thor asked, as Clint finished setting her leg.
"T-They did." She answered, flinching as Steve touched her red-stained wing, and noticed a large tear in it.
    "What happened to your wing?" He asked.
    "The barb-wire." She replied.
Steve noticed that her hair always covered her eye, bloody and matted, which he found strange. He tried to brush it away, but she stopped him with her hand.
"Don't." He did it anyway. Her eye was grey, clouded, blind. And why she had mistakenly revealed herself to four of the most powerful heroes in the world.
She stayed as still as she could, unable to move as 'Steve' scooped her up and carried her over to the car.
    "I-I'm sorry about your windshield." The girl told 'Tony' and he shrugged.
    "It can be fixed."
'Steve' laid her in the car, and she curled her wing around, looking at it closer. It would take a long time to heal, if it ever would, and she rubbed at the dried tears that stained her cut and bruised face with a bloody finger. 'Clint' came around with a towel, and the girl let him wipe away the blood on her face.
"I'm sorry." He said, and quickly climbed in the front seat, 'Steve' and 'Thor' getting into the back. 'Tony' drove off, leaving dust trailing behind.
Everyone proceeded to question her profusely as they drove to 'The Tower'.
    "How old are you?" 'Tony' asked.
    "What's today?" The girl curled up into a ball, wings wrapped around her small body.
    "December fifteenth." He sat back, curious.
    "What year?" She asked.
    "Two thousand and sixteen." 'Thor' answered this time.
    "I'm thirteen." SE-491 sat there in shock, she was a teenager already.
    "When was the last time you ate?" 'Clint' asked, turning to face her from the passenger seat.
    "Um...." She couldn't quite remember.
    "That's all I need to hear." He said, turning back to the road.
    "How long were you in captivity?" 'Thor' asked, his voice booming through the silence. She knew what he was talking about, and counted her fingers.
    "Nine months?" 'Tony' asked, wavering hope in his voice.
    The girl shook her head, memories coursing through her mind. "Nine years, two months,and twenty-seven days."

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