Chapter 16 - The Bullets

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Run. Elytra had no idea which way she was going, using her instincts to avoid the screams and gunshots. She used the key to unlock a door and swiftly disabled the two men inside. This knife sucks. Looking around for a stronger weapon, her eyes fell on a long scepter in the middle of the room. Plucking it from the stand, El swung it around for a second to get used to the weight and darted down the hallway. "El, duck!" She dropped to the ground. 

It happened too fast. El hit the ground. She looked up. Gunshots. Cameron. Blood. She ran towards him. He fell against the wall, shirt stained red. He talked quickly, making sure his sister would get out safely. "Avengers are taking care of the agents. Go down the hallway, turn left, the right, then two lefts. Go out the door. Get on the plane. Don't come back."

Yelling filled the hallway next to them, and Elytra attempted to put her brother on her shoulder, set on bringing him with her. Cameron told her to put him down. A group of soldiers rounded the corner and started shooting. "Run." He told her. She grabbed the staff, stood, and ran.

A bullet grazed her cheek. She was exhausted, running purely on adrenaline. Glimpsing the flash of a shield and an arrow stuck in the wall, El pushed forward and shot through the door and into the sun.

There was a sharp pain in her shoulders, and she felt a breeze through her wing. An arm dove under hers and took some of the weight off her feet. Soon, Bucky gave up trying to let her walk and carried her. Elytra clung onto him and tried to stop herself from falling asleep long enough to look back and say goodbye.

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