Chapter 15 - The Knife

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Elytra couldn't move. Her vision was spotty, little black dots floating in the air wherever she looked. The food she was given was minuscule, nothing more than a piece of bread or an apple. Her stomach wouldn't stop growling, begging for more. Her lungs burned when she breathed. The guards stationed outside her cell continuously told her to shut it, annoyed by how often she coughed. It seemed like there wasn't enough oxygen in the room to fill her lungs, she often gasped for air. I'm gonna die.

It had been days, or weeks. There was no way to keep track of time, except for the little glimpses of daylight through windows. God I need a drink. She staggered to her feet, gripping the bars for support. Her hands stung as they came in contact with the metal, but El stood her ground and tapped on the shoulder of the guard on the left. "Can I have a drink? Or would you like to let me out to get one myself?" She cooed. 

What the young man didn't realize was that while she was talking, she had slid the knife out of his belt loop and tucked it into the back of her waistband. When the other guard left to get her a drink, she continued to coax information out of the boy. He couldn't be much older than her, maybe a year or two, still able to be persuaded and influenced. El grew a headache straining her voice, and almost collapsed in an attempt to get close enough to strike.

Screams broke out further down the hallway. Elytra quickly pulled the knife from her pants and thrust it into the guard's shoulder, grabbing the key from a loop on his belt. After wrapping her hands around his neck and banging his head against the bars, she unlocked the door and stepped over his body. Her fingers turned white as she held the knife close to her. After deciding which way to go, El bolted down the hallway.

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