Chapter 28 - The Beginning of the End

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Dedicated to Maryh523
Elytra's ears rang as she looked up at the destruction around her. Her hands felt like they were on fire, and blood dripped down her arms. Through the ringing, Elytra could just make out the glowing hands of Tony's suit, and Steve yelling her name through the fog. "S-Steve?" Her voice was quiet, and her throat burned, but they seemed to hear her, as Tony's light hit her and Steve came out of the mist. He quickly put a hand to his ear. "We found her!" Elytra looked up to see that she had completely been blown off of the Tower, and sat on the cracked road on the complete other side of the city. Steve ran over to her, Tony flying off to get the other Avengers.
As the dust cleared, Elytra could see that Steve had a long cut across his forehead, and a burn on his cheek, but she was sure he had more injuries beneath the suit. "Are you okay?" She asked, wiping the blood off his cut with her thumb. "I'm fine El, can you walk? Everyone's worried." Elytra nodded, pushing herself to her feet before her good knee buckled and she fell.
Steve stuck his arm out to keep her from hitting the ground, and against her weak protests, picked her up and walked to the jet that would take them back to the Tower. Elytra was placed on a long, soft bench, and as she lay there, she realized it was getting quite hard to breath. Steve, detecting what was wrong, handed her an inhaler he snatched out of the med kit. She put it in her mouth and inhaled a breath of fresh air, handing it back to Steve, who set it off to the side. Elytra looked up to see Dr. Banner and Wanda coming onto the plane, neither with any major injuries. Natasha, Clint, and Tony arrived a few minutes later, sitting down in various places.
They all looked at her worryingly, seeing the burns and cuts that lined her already scarred body. Bruce and Tony couldn't do anything for her until they got back to the Tower, which Tony said didn't even have a scratch, besides the roof. "Where's Thor?" Elytra asked, laying down on the cushions, trying to frost her hands, to numb the pain. She put her hands in front of her, letting the thinnest layer of frost wrap around them. Looking at Clint and Wanda, who had the most and seemingly more painful burns, she made frost cover the gashes, hopefully relieving some of their pain as well. "Thank you El." Wanda touched the ice on her arm, smiling. Elytra's threat was hoarse, so she simply nodded. Humming really didn't hurt however, so she hummed a song, the song that saved her live, all the way back to the Tower.
"Thor took Loki back to Asgard, he'll meet us back here." Tony stated, taking off his suit and putting it away. The jet came to a stop on the roof of the Tower, and Elytra attempted to stand, before Steve scooped her up and ran inside. She was promptly put on a hospital bed, since there was no need for surgery, only a few stitches.
Tony came in with a needle and medical thread, and Elytra sat up so he could sew her arms up. "You did good, kid." He said, finishing one of the longer stitches on her arm, cutting the end with scissors. "Did anyone else get hurt?" She asked, and Tony shook his head. "Only a few minor burns and scratches, nothing compared to you."
"Wanda said you were humming on the way back, and she was quite shocked because no one was supposed to know it. How did you?"
Elytra looked at her hands. "Pietro. H-He fought Loki with me, Cameron too." She winced as Tony finished stitching her up, and Dr. Banner came in with her prosthetic. "Three legs in three months." He chuckled, sliding it on. Elytra smiled, moving her leg to make sure it worked. "Thank you, Dr. Banner." He sighed, "You know my name is Bruce, right?"
The next night, haunted with new nightmares, Elytra sat on the roof, painting a new picture. Life with the Avengers was all she ever dreamed of, and she couldn't be happier. Pietro sat beside her, pointing out constellations for her to paint. She hd just finished the Big Dipper when the Avengers burst through the door. "We were worried El." Steve sighed, before looking to Pietro. "What the-"
"You told me to walk it off." Pietro laughed, as Wanda stepped out of the group. "Pietro-" "Hi sis." She ran to him, throwing her arms around him, knocking Pietro to the ground. The rest of them laughed, the Avengers joining their hug, while Elytra looked up to see Cameron looking back at her. "Hey El." He looked at the ground, before Elytra stood, wrapping her arms around his waist. "I missed you too."
And that concludes Infinitely Mistreated!!! I hope you liked it, this is by far my favorite book to write. Maybe I'll write a sequel, maybe I'll let it be. Who knows.

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