Chapter 11 - The Lightning Horse

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Elytra woke up the next morning cold, unreasonably cold. Her arms were covered in frost, which she washed off in a hot shower. It was gone, but appeared shortly after, inching up her arms. Cameron had told her something like this would happen, when she reached the right age. Elytra remember the frost-like tattoos that scaled up his arms, remember tracing them with her little fingers, how cold they were. "You'll get used to the cold." He said, "It becomes a part of you after a while."
Elytra pulled on her clothes, a grey dress and shorts, and put on a black boot. She stood. Her balance was uneven. She stuck a thick sock on her metal foot and put it in the other shoe. Better. Elytra stood up, brushed her hair and teeth, and was startled by a rumble of thunder in the distance. She shrieked, before running to the window, looking out at the storm. Finally, the weather reflected her mood, storming mad.
Elytra took the cloak off of the hook, and put her wings through. Clipping it at the collar, she watched the frost inch farther up her arms. Elytra shrugged it off, the cold numb feeling, put on a small smile, and walked out the door.
Almost everyone was in the lounge, Tony drinking at the bar, Steve sipping from a mug, ad everyone else eating various foods on a sofa, watching the flatscreen. She sat on a stool beside Steve, and he passed her a mug, filled to the brim with a dark brown liquid and white fluffy squares. Elytra cautiously took a sip, and another, and another. It tasted like liquid chocolate. She finished it, and put the mug in the sink. Lightning flashed, illuminating the room for a split second. Thor stood up. "I must go." He quickly walked into the elevator. Elytra went up to the roof.
She couldn't see Thor, but he probably went to the field. She spread her wings, and jumped. Looking out over the field, Elytra saw him standing in the middle, scanning the field for something. She landed beside him, watched rain slide down his armor. Pulling the hood farther down on her head, she put her arms inside the cloak. "What are you watching for?" She asked, but Thor didn't answer. They stood in silence, watching the field for whatever Thor was trying to find. Out of nowhere, lightning struck the ground, and a horse appeared. It was white, but electric blue lightning patterned its skin. "What's that?"
"That is a lightning horse. A powerful horse will appear after a great hero has fallen. It takes on the form of whoever has passed on. It is the other form the person takes on. When the storm started late into the night, I knew he would come." The horse looked in their direction. It had Pietro's eyes. He trotted over to us, and paused. As he nuzzled her cheek, Elytra saw Thor take a piece of paper out of the glass holder hanging around his neck. "The Gods have given him the name Damari." He said, "We must take him back."
Thor told her to go ahead, and she watched from the roof as he led the Lightning Horse to the door, as Damari ducked his head through the entryway.
Elytra went to Wanda's room, and knocked. No answer. She opened the door a crack. Wanda was laying on her bed, curled in a ball. "Can I come in?" She nodded, hugging her knees closer to her body. Elytra stepped in, closing the door behind her. Sitting on the foot of her bed, she asked, "Have you heard of a Lightning Horse?"
"Pietro has one. You should come see him."
"What!" Wanda sat up so quickly Elytra almost fell. "Thor brought him in a few minutes ago. Follow me." They arrived in the lounge, where Natasha was petting Damari's mane, while Tony and Bruce examined him. Steve and Clint chatted in the back, but everything came to a halt when they stepped out of the elevator. Damari looked up, and Elytra caught a hint of recognition in his eyes. "Pietro?" Wanda choked up, and the horse slowly trotted over to her. Elytra stepped out of the way, joining Clint and Steve in the back. She watched as Damari pushed his nose against Wanda's chest, and Wanda stroking Damari's mane. Wanda leaned her head against his head, and he leaned his head against hers, and for a split second, Elytra saw Pietro, the real Pietro, appear behind the two, look at her, and wave goodbye.

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