Chapter 6 - The Ice

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Elytra cried for what seemed like forever, but was probably only about half an hour. "JARVIS?" She asked.
"Yes Ms. Elytra"
"Could you lock the door?"
"Of course miss."
She heard the faint click of the door, and relaxed just a little more. Her powers were becoming out of control, and Elytra had been trying to hold it in for as long as she could. Now she know why Cameron snapped. But, she couldn't. The Avengers would lock her up for sure.
Elytra's hands turned cold, and ice spikes rose from the floor, rising up to meet her eyes. She stood up, changing and molding the ice with short flicks of her hands. It formed a small dragon, about three feet tall. Elytra walked over to it, and pet his head. It was a boy, she knew that already. Tundra. He lived inside the necklace from the time she was four until now. Elytra refused to let the scientists get to him. Tundra became warm under her touch, as she brought him back to life. He let out a low growl, before realizing it was her. Tundra let out a snort, and curled himself around her metal leg, inspecting it. Elytra laughed, "I missed you Tundra." He looked up at her, as if saying, I missed you too.
Elytra lay back on her bed, scratching Tundra's ears, when she heard banging on the door. "Elytra, you have some explaining to do!!!" She heard Clint yell, as well as the voices of Steve, Bucky, Dr. Banner, and Tony. "Jarvis?" She asked, "How did they find out?!" "Miss, you did not inform me to turn security cameras off, and it appears they had watched you." He answered, and Elytra freaked. They had watched her create Tundra, and she was about to pay. "JARVIS, OPEN THIS DOOR!!!" She heard Tony yell, and the door clicked. Elytra put Tundra back into her necklace, as the door swung open. All very mad, Steve, Clint, Dr. Banner, Bucky, and Tony stood in the doorway, and Tony was definitely steaming. "Explain. NOW."
"I-I don't know how." Elytra stuttered. "What do you mean you don't know how?" Steve exclaimed. "Dr. Banner, you need to run a blood test on Elytra compared to a Frost Giant. Thor can help you verify it." Tony ordered, and he and Dr. Banner rushed out the door, and came back with a syringe. He passed it to Tony. "No!" Elytra screamed. "They're going to experiment on me." She thought. Elytra knew she shouldn't have trusted these people. She shot out her hands, and busted a hole in the wall. Elytra spread her wings, now armored, and flew through the hallways, into the elevator.
The elevator lurched to a stop in the training room, and she ran out, only to skid to a stop. "Where was that sword?" Elytra spotted it on a rack, and reached for it, only to be stopped by an arrow piercing her hand. She cried out in pain, ripping the arrow out of her skin. Grabbing the sword, Elytra swung it around to collide with a hammer. Thor's hammer. "Calm down, Lady Elytra." He tried to reason with her, just as THEY had. She slid under the hammer, to run into Clint, who picked her up as she screamed. Elytra's hand grabbed his wrist, and he yelled as she froze his hand so cold it burned. He dropped her, and Elytra fell to the floor. Her blood now stained the mats, and she got up, stumbled, and flew. She flew up to the rafters, and hid in fear as the Avengers struggled to get to her. Dr. Banner came running up to Tony with a tranquilizer, and Elytra screamed in horror. She was reliving her nightmares once again.
I stood in the forest, behind a wall of ice, which they had now burned through. Cameron was being hauled unconsciously onto a truck, while the people searched for me. I was, of course, standing on a branch in a tree. I watched silently, in both fear and anger, as a man pulled out a tranquilizer, and aimed it, at me.
The tranquilizer was shot, the sound echoing around the room, as it collided with her neck. Elytra ripped the revolting thing out, and fell to the floor. She couldn't feel anything, and thanked God Tundra was in the locket. At least he would be safe, as she most certainly was not. Her wings were heavy, and she lay on the cold mat, frozen. Elytra saw many different blobs and shapes of people hover above her, her saviors, now her enemies. Her line of vision was foggy, and she closed her eyes.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Be-

What is that annoying noise? Elytra opened her eyes, but couldn't see any one person. She would have to turn her head, but she couldn't, as it felt like lead. Elytra squinted under the bright light, as her eye adjusted to the room. She could definitely hear breathing, and although she knew they were all there, not one person made a sound. Elytra picked up her hand, now bandaged, and tried to freeze a wall, shoot an ice spike, SOMETHING, but she felt drained, and her powers simply refused to cooperate. After quite a bit of struggling, she managed to turn her head to meet the gaze of many ashamed, concerned, sorry people.
"Where do I start?" Elytra sighed, which stunned most of the people in the room. "At the beginning." Bucky sat on the chair nearest her, awaiting her answer.
"I had been on the streets for as long as I could remember." Elytra picked up her necklace with a shaking hand, slid it off, and opened it. "My brother, Cameron, took care of me, protected me, both him and Tundra." "The dragon?" Clint butted in. "Yeah, the dragon. Scientists around the world were after us, but we had never gotten caught. One day, we were running from them, and he told me to run and don't look back. But, when I got to the tree line, I looked back anyway. He had built a wall of ice between the scientists and him, and me. I climbed a tree, and watched as they dragged Cameron into a van. I waited, scared, in that tree, as they shot tranquilizers at me, and I shot ice spikes back at them. They locked me away, with cuffs that would burn me should I ever conjure the ice, or Tundra, to escape." Her fingers grazed the burn scars on her wrists, and remembered how she got them.
"Well, I got the results!" Tony ran into the room, and skidded to a stop once he saw her. "Hey Icy." Elytra glared at him, but he shrugged it off. Tony passed the results to Thor, who simply stared at them. "Elytra is a Frost Giant."

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