Chapter 24 - The Dragon Eyes

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Recap - "Maybe a punch," She thought, "could get me out." Elytra drew back her hand, put all of her strength into her fist, and punched. And the ice split in two.
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The first words Elytra heard were muffled over the ringing in her ears, but she could just make it out. "Son of a bit- El?" "Tony." She thought. Elytra looked up, but had to wipe blood from her eyes before making out the three slightly distorted figures that stood in front of her. Tony, Dr. Banner, and Steve had all been thrown back by the blast, but regained their footing faster than she. Elytra couldn't quite feel her feet, actually.
"St-Steve?" She stuttered, looking up at him. He bent down in front of her, looking her dead in the eyes. "El, what the hell happened to you in there?"
"Language!" Tony shouted, but Dr. Banner quickly shut him up. He whispered something in Tony's ear, and they both quickly left. A security camera whirred to life in the corner.
"It hurts Steve." Elytra whispered, slightly gesturing to her wings and horns, before wincing and putting her hands back down to support her body. "I know, my god El, we were worried sick. Tony hasn't slept in three days." He grabbed a few tissues from the desk, and dabbed at the blood around her horns.
Steve told her everything that had happened while she was stuck in the ice. Tony had called Dr. Banner, and hadn't slept in a while. Natasha and Clint had been sent on a mission, and had reluctantly went, specifically stating if anything happened, they were to be notified and would evacuate immediately. Wanda had been in the labs, trying to make something to get her out. And Peter, had no idea any of this was happening.
Elytra was suddenly dizzy, and grasped Steve's shoulder to steady herself. Steve looped that arm around his neck, helping her up. Her metal foot was covered in frost, as were her wings and horns. He walked her to Tony and Dr. Banner's lab, where Tony had gotten all of the medical supplies they would need, and Banner was making Elytra a new prosthetic. Steve eased Elytra onto the metal table, and quickly left to contact Wanda, Clint, and Natasha.
Tony got out a syringe filled with a lab-made painkiller, and turned to Elytra, taking a moment to look her over. Her wings were enhanced, she had horns protruding from her forehead, and her eyes were vibrant, glowing. They looked like a dragon's.

She looked back at him, and Tony stared for a brief moment, before coming over to her with the needle

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She looked back at him, and Tony stared for a brief moment, before coming over to her with the needle. Elytra held her arm back frightened, but one look from him made her hold her shaking arm out as he injected the purple liquid into it. Elytra immediately felt the pain that flooded her body receding, washing away with the drug that ran through her blood.
The rest of the night was somewhat of a blur, every event running together like water, and Elytra could only pick a few single things that happened. Tony replacing her leg, being led by Steve back to her room. Clint and Natasha running into the room, ignoring Steve's protests that she needed sleep, Steve promising that Thor would be here in the morning when she woke up, and that she fell asleep.

I'm really sorry for the short and somewhat uneventful chapter. I had a brief 15 minutes to write this, and I hope it satisfied your need for a chapter until I have the time to write another. On a higher note, how was everyone's Christmas? Lastly, 300 reads?!?!? That is insane and for that I thank you all so very much. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! 🤗

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